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Evolutionary Scientists Retract Groundbreaking Results, Leaving Major Hole in Theory


Rocket Attack From Gaza Interrupts Ceremony for Fallen IDF Soldier [WATCH]

“To Champion the orphan and the downtrodden, that men who are of the earth tyrannize no more.” (Psalms 10:17)

Christian Embassy Helps Bring 1,200 Ethiopian Jews Home to Israel in 2017

“Deliver us, Hashem our God, and gather us from among the nations, to acclaim Your holy name, to glory in Your praise.” (Psalms 106:47)

After Islamist Attacks, Heavy Security Planned for Times Square on New Year’s Eve

“Hashem seeks out the righteous man, but loathes the wicked one who loves injustice.” (Psalms 11:5)

Meet 8-Day-Old Ovadiah, First Son of Bnei Menashe Parents Born in Israel

“Sons are the provision of Hashem; the fruit of the womb, His reward.” (Psalms 127:3)

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Uranium Enrichment Facilities Shown in an Iranian TV Documentary

Press TV, Iran’s English-language channel, aired a documentary on the city of Natanz, focusing on the nearby uranium enrichment facilities.


In the above verse, the Prophet Isaiah attributes his ability to speak wisely and communicate with the Children of Israel to Hashem. Perhaps more than any other language, Hebrew holds theological significance…

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