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Israel’s Got a New Best Friend – Guatemala!

Monday, December 25, 2017 |  Israel Today Staff
Israel’s list of “best friends” seems to be growing thanks to the United States finally following through in deed on its long-standing claim to be the Jewish state’s closest ally.
For many a year, America said that Israel had no better friend in the world. And yet, the White House refused to officially accept the thing most important to Israelis and Jews everywhere – their ancient connection to Jerusalem.
Now that President Trump has righted that wrong, a number of other nations that seem to have just been waiting to follow America’s lead are also recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and vowing to move their embassies there.
The second nation after the United States to do so is Guatemala.
On Sunday, Guatemalan President Jimmy Morales informed his people in a Facebook post that their embassy would soon be moved to Jerusalem, the capital of Israel.

Israel Foreign Ministry spokesperson Emmanuel Nahshon responded on Twitter:

Thank you Guatemala   for your important decision to move your Embassy to ! Wonderful news and true friendship!!Viva la amistad entre Guatemala y Israel   .@IsraelMFA @Israel

As did Deputy Minister for Diplomacy Michael Oren:

Viva Guatemala! It takes courage for a superpower to stand up for justice and recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s eternal capital. But it takes even more —immense guts—for a small nation to do that. People of Guatemala, the people of Israel will never forget your support and bravery.

Guatemala was one of only nine nations last week to vote against a UN resolution condemning Trump’s Jerusalem declaration. Neighboring Central America nation Honduras was another, and many Israelis hope it will be the next to openly and officially recognize Jerusalem’s status as the capital of the Jewish state.
The Czech Republic was the second nation after the US to officially recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, but did not make a commitment to move its embassy to the Holy City.
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