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Dec. 18, 2017

Who has ever heard of this?

Israel’s founder David Ben Gurion said, “He who does not believe in miracles is not a realist!” We want to issue a special edition to celebrate Israel’s 70th anniversary in May 2018. For just $25 you can actively help us open the eyes of others to the truth of Israel!


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  Exploiting Freedom of the Press to Kill Jews

Exploiting Freedom of the Press to Kill Jews
Palestinian terrorist who stabbed and badly wounded police officer hid amongst a group of reporters
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  Peace Amidst the Chaos

Peace Amidst the Chaos
A day will come when no-one will dare dispute true, divinely-mandated ownership of Jerusalem
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  Israel Threatens to Return Lebanon to the 'Stone Age'

Israel Threatens to Return Lebanon to the ‘Stone Age’
Mounting threat of Iranian arms influx to Hezbollah won’t end well for Lebanon, warns Israeli minister
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Everyone wants to claim a piece of Jerusalem for themselves!
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