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“And what,” I asked him, “are those two olive trees, one on the right and one on the left of the menorah?”

וָאַעַן וָאֹמַר אֵלָיו מַה־שְּׁנֵי הַזֵּיתִים הָאֵלֶה עַל־יְמִין הַמְּנוֹרָה וְעַל־שְׂמֹאולָהּ

זכריה ד:יא
ve-a-en va-o-MAR ay-LAV mah sh-NAY ha-ZAY-teem ha-e-leh al ye-MEEN
ha-me-no-RAH ve-al smo-LAH

Today’s Israel Inspiration

The menorah and olive branches depicted in Zechariah’s vision were chosen as the centerpieces of the State of Israel’s emblem.  According to its designers, the olive branches symbolize the state’s peaceful intentions.  The image of the menorah, copied from the Arch of Titus, attests to the link of the Jewish people with their glorious past in their homeland, and Israel’s return to its former luster.  There are perhaps no two better symbols to represent the Jewish people.  Oil, the most valuable commodity obtained from the olive, is extracted when pressure is applied.  In a similar fashion, the Jewish people are refined when faced with difficulty, whether through  persecution or the difficulties of day-to-day life. Though challenging, these hardships allow each individual to focus on what is truly important, become more sensitive to others and form a closer connection with Hashem.  It then follows that olive oil is used to light the menorah, representing clarity and wisdom for the entire world.

The Golden Menorah: Moving Closer to its Destination

The golden menorah prepared by the Temple Institute is fit for use in the Holy Temple. It is located in the staircase leading from the Jewish Quarter to the Western Wall Plaza where it overlooks the Temple Mount, site of the future Holy Temple.

Mount Zion Group Prepares Oil for Temple Menorah, Fulfilling Amos Prophecy on Jewish Land

In preparation for the Third Temple, the nascent Sanhedrin and the United Temple Movement under the auspices of the Mount Zion Association annually prepares olive oil that is ritually pure and ready for use in the Temple,

Plant an olive tree in the Land of Israel and illuminate the world.



Today’s Israel Photo

This lifesize replica of the Menorah which stood in the Holy Temple in Jerusalem stands proud in the Old City of Jerusalem.

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