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Dec. 12, 2017
Greetings from Charlotte, North Carolina.
‘Tis the season for Hanukkah and Christmas! I love them both and share joy with those who do also.
Another special joy is seeing others acknowledge what the Lord God of Israel already has done, to make the Holy City of Jerusalem once again, as in daily, the focus of the world’s attention. We give thanks to President Trump for officially having the USA join with the people of Israel in rightly declaring Jerusalem is their capital city. Being on the Lord’s side for His purposes and plans bring blessings that no one can prevent from coming upon a nation.
Another of my most recent Now Think On This message, Jerusalem – The Holy City describes some experiences I felt when I first came into the city decades ago. Some of you reading this will have had that happen to you too. Please read further below.
My heart is that each of us will have eyes to see and ears to hear what the Lord is doing in our midst this season, and join alongside Him in those eternal plans. Being aware of what is happening beyond our immediate sight enables us to have faith and courage to support the out-workings of our God’s wisdom and prophetic fulfillment. So let it be.
Happy Hanukkah and Merry Christmas!
Be blessed with ahava and shalom,
Steve Martin
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Now Think On This
Jerusalem & Friends – The Holy City
 by Steve Martin
“I have chosen Jerusalem that My name might be there…” (2 Chronicles 6:6, NASU)
On December 6, 2017, President Donald Trump of the United States declared that America would officially recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. That was a very good decision, being the Creator of the Universe, Jesus Christ Himself, feels the same way. He chose Jerusalem as the place where His name would be.
It is a good thing to be on the side of God Almighty. We are glad you are, Mr. President.
Jerusalem is the place where both Jews and Christians have had numerous holy sites, for centuries, situated on the mountains and hills surrounding God’s city. Nations have fought over it; millions have died because of it; the Savior of mankind brought His message of love and hope to its very ancient streets.
The very first time I came into the holy city, in the late 1980’s, wasn’t on foot, horseback, a donkey or camel, as the Jews have done beginning centuries ago. It was in an air-conditioned tour bus, with 40 people, at night time, climbing up the highway from the east, beyond the Jordan River and the Dead Sea. The city was aglow with the glimmering lights shining forth into the October sky. It was an amazing site.
The tour guide then began playing on the bus sound system the song Holy City, Jerusalem (here is a version by John Starnes on YouTube: Holy City, Jerusalem.) I could feel my spirit welling up inside me. Listening to the words, I could sense the very real presence of the Lord overtake myself and those who had come to this Land, this Holy City, the place where Jesus (Yeshua) walked. The very place where He will soon return to again.
During that first tour we visited the Old City, including the Western Wall, the Upper Room, and the Church of the Holy Sepulcher. We also went to The Church of All Nations, Gethsemane and the Garden Tomb. Each step of the way we witnessed spiritual and historical locations that pilgrims from all over the world wait a lifetime to come and walk within and upon.
To imagine that this is the very place where the Messiah chose to bring His eternal word, in the flesh, to first the Jews, and then through them, had it taken from here to the very ends of the earth. The Good News of redemption, salvation, and freedom from sin came forth from His Holy City, Jerusalem.
While on staff with Derek Prince Ministries, I once heard that Bible teacher Derek had spoken these words. “You do not choose Jerusalem. Jerusalem chooses you.” For some time, I did not understand that.
Read more: Full message
Our God, the living God of Israel, is an awesome God. He is alive and well, and in full control of what is happening in these days we live in. His love and mercy are on display daily, as He draws His people to Himself, both Jews and Gentiles.
I have compiled these Now Think On These messages into another book, messages written in 2017, plus I added the Jerusalem Log daily updates from my trip to Israel May 1-May 9, 2017. I hope you will be encouraged in your daily walk with the Lord through the reading of them. 
If you know Jesus (Yeshua) you know that He is there day in and day out, leading and directing us to become more conformed to Him, and be a witness in the earth.
If you do not know Him yet, I pray these words (and photos) will move your heart ever closer to the point when you do.
I would be graceful if you would support Love For His People by buying a copy for yourself, and one for a friend as a gift.
Be blessed, with the shalom (peace) and ahava (love) of the Lord.
Steve Martin
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