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Set up a signal at Bet HaKarem! For evil is appearing from the north, And great disaster.

וְעַל־בֵּית הַכֶּרֶם שְׂאוּ מַשְׂאֵת כִּי רָעָה נִשְׁקְפָה מִצָּפוֹן וְשֶׁבֶר גָּדוֹל

ירמיהו ו:ב
ve-AL bayt ha-KA-rem se-U ma-SET kee ra-AH neesh-KA-fa mee-TZA-fon ve-she-ver ga-DOL

Today’s Israel Inspiration

Scholars believe that the modern neighborhood of Ein Karem stands in the place of the Biblical village of Beit Hakarem, which is mentioned in the Book of Jeremiah. Existence of Jewish life in this area during the Second Temple period is indisputable. Ancient ritual baths known in Hebrew as mikvehs, used by Jewish priests prior to performing services in the nearby Temple, have been discovered in recent years under a number of homes in the area. The uncovering of ancient wine and oil presses serve as further irrefutable proof of the Jewish claim to Jerusalem. In 1948, the hills of Ein Karem were bare. Today, the neighborhood has been revived and is surrounded by the greenery of the Jerusalem Forest. Be inspired by the restoration and the revival of the Land of Israel. Order yourself and your loved ones The Israel365 Then & Now Calendar highlighting 70 years of prophecy fulfilled. Special pricing now available.

Ein Karem From the Air

Enjoy the scenic aerial view of Ein Karem, Jerusalem.

In Ein Karem, Ancient Biblical Life Is Revived in a Modern Israeli City

The sights, sounds and fragrances of the Yemenite Village in the Jerusalem neighborhood of Ein Karem have the power to transport visitors back thousands of years to Biblical times.

“The fruit of the righteous is a tree of life; and he that is wise winneth souls.” (Psalms 11:30)



Today’s Israel Photo

This photo of Jerusalem’s Ein Kerem neighborhood appears in The Israel365 Then & Now calendar. Calendar on sale now – 2 for $20!

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