Your old men will dream dreams and your young men will see visions. – Richard and Carolyn Hyde from Heart of G-d Ministries


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Shalom dear Friends and Prayer Partners,
While in Jerusalem recently, I was waiting for the light rail.  A young Orthodox Jewish man sitting there looked familiar so I began to speak with him.  We spoke with joy to one another – a divine appointment for sure!  Then he handed me a tract of Rabbi Nachman so I asked him, “Is this your Messiah?”  When he replied yes, I said, “He’s not Messiah; I believe Yeshua is Messiah.”  Suddenly O’s face darkened and he said, “But you’re Jewish! Why?!”  So I explained why I follow Yeshua.  How can you argue with someone who has had a vision of the Messiah?  He couldn’t argue but he was really sad.  I spoke kind words to him and his face brightened up and we spoke more until my train arrived. I entered the train and looked back at him and to my surprise, he stood and waved with joy at me!
The next day before singing at an outreach, I met another young man who’s studying in a Yeshiva.  I invited him to the concert and he came!  After a few songs he had to leave, but he approached the stage to get my number and he’s already called.  He knows I’m a believer but he loves the music and wants my CD’s! Later that night I was thinking why does the L-rd always send either young or older Orthodox Jewish men as divine appointments?  Suddenly I thought of Joel 2:28 and prayed for an increase in dreams and visions!

And that’s exactly what happened the next day!  At another event while a rabbi from Judea spoke, I translated in the back for a Muslim who didn’t speak English.  Afterwards I told the rabbi that it was funny for me, a Messianic Jew to translate a rabbi’s speech for a Muslim.  But when I told him I’m “Meshichit” (Messianic or literally “anointed” in Hebrew) he said we are all Meshichim.  I was surprised but then he added, “You think Messiah already came but we all believe that He is coming soon!”  We were in complete agreement on that!
“It will come about after this that I will pour out My Spirit on all flesh and your sons and daughters will prophecy.  Your old men will dream dreams and your young men will see visions.”  Joel 2:28
We wish we could bring that rabbi to the Ministry of Interior!  We still have no news from them but a recent development with a friend who was deported was rather sobering.  Before Rebecca left Israel, I invited her over to pray for her.  I mentioned that when the haredim, ultra-Orthodox Jews, were given the choice to release Yeshua or Barabas, they pointed at Yeshua and yelled, “Crucify Him and let His blood be on our heads and on our children’s heads!”  Of course we pray this prayer as a blessing but at that time they meant it as a curse.  Wow – that explains our Jewish identity problems! 
In Matthew 23 Yeshua is speaking to the Jewish People, in particular, the Pharasees, which are comparable to the modern day haredim who carry the same spirit as the Pharasees that lived during Yeshua’s time.  He told them that they won’t see him until they’re able to say, “Baruch Haba b’Shem Adonai!” – Blessed are you who comes in the name of the L-rd.  But who’s praying that they will come to this revelation?  There are many of you who are praying for them and thank you!  But it was really brought home to us that we, the persecuted ones, are especially called to pray for them.  So that’s what we did and G-d showed up! 
Travel plans, G-d willing of course
We benefited greatly from the discipleship equipping seminars we took this past fall.  We’re sharing what we learned with many, even pre-believers in Yeshua and it’s blessing them too, so we plan to return for another seminar this February in Illinois. We’re praying about ministering in the area too…
Also, the L-rd gave a supernatural release to go to Australia in 2018 so we are praying for His timing…

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Come to our Galilee home for an evening of worship, Israeli folk dancing, sharing testimonies & dinner served on our roof with a gorgeous view of the Sea of Galilee, Golan and the Jordan Valley!

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Todah rabah – thanks so much!

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Thank you all for your love, prayers and support.  We pray for G-d’s presence in your midst, His peace in your hearts, His protection to cover you, His provision to support you and His anointing to increase in your lives!
In Yeshua’s love,

Richard & Carolyn Hyde

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We write L-rd and G-d in this way because it’s a Jewish custom that Carolyn grew up with and it’s done only out of reverence and honor for the name of the L-rd.  Thanks for understanding. 
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