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Korean Christian Support for Israel at All-Time High, Says Interfaith Group Leader


IDF Retaliates After Mortar Attack Launched From Gaza

“Pay them according to their deeds, their malicious acts; according to their handiwork pay them, give them their deserts.” (Psalms 28:4)


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19-Year-Old IDF Soldier Murdered at
Bus Stop

“The death of His faithful ones is grievous in Hashem’s sight.” (Psalms 116:15)

Gaza Power Transfer From Hamas to PA Delayed by 10 Days as Unity Deal Wavers

“Man of crooked mind comes to no good, And he who speaks duplicity falls into trouble.”
(Proverbs 17:20)


In ‘Almost Unprecedented’ Move, New City to Be Established in Samaria

“For Hashem will deliver Tzion and rebuild the cities of Yehuda; they shall live there and inherit it.” (Psalms 69:36)

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Jews Speak Out About Their Houses Being Destroyed

Boomerang, an organization that explains the situation in Israel from a Jewish perspective, presents a video about a Jewish neighborhood being destroyed south of Jerusalem in Gush Etzion.

AMOS 9:15

In the above verse, the Prophet Amos concludes his prophecy with a message of hope for the people of Israel. Amos proclaims that the day will come when the people of Israel will return from exile to the Land of Israel, build homes, plant vineyards and trees, and enjoy their fruits…

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