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Dr Erez Soref President of  ONE FOR ISRAEL 

Our campus is a reflection of the cultural diversity found in Israel today. There are people from all kinds of backgrounds, from many different countries of birth. As followers of the Messiah Yeshua in Israel we celebrate unity in diversity, bringing riches from around the world.

Last weekend, the Ethiopian Jewish community celebrated the festival of “Sigd” which celebrates receiving the Torah and longing for Jerusalem. For those Ethiopian Jews who have finally made it to the Promised Land, it’s a day of great rejoicing. However, life isn’t always so easy for African Jews when they arrive in Israel, as Avi explains…


Approximately 140,000 Ethiopian Jewish people live in Israel today, about a third of whom were born in Israel. The majority came in the massive airlifting operations of 1985 and 1991 – Operation Moses and Operation Solomon – helping them to “Make Aliyah” (return to Israel) collectively in the thousands. However, the culture shock and transition has proved extremely challenging, exacerbated by the racism they have subjected to on their arrival. There have been some significant problems such as poverty and unemployment among many Ethiopian families and communities as a result. 



Many people live in poverty in Israel, particularly among the elderly and those who survived the Holocaust. We provide food packages to Holocaust survivors on a regular basis, taking provisions that they can enjoy at home and also blessing the social club where they meet and find support. Over the holiday season, we took them special holiday gifts, which brought lots of smiles!

Additionally, as part of our humanitarian aid program, we help Pro-life families who choose to keep their babies, providing practical support and help when circumstances are overwhelming. These families struggle to put food on their table, and we come alongside to help and support those who have chosen life.

One Pro-life family we help has five children and recently had no food in their fridge or food for their baby. On top of that one of their children was diagnosed with a severe infection and was hospitalized. The mother contacted our team from hospital and asked for immediate help with basic food items for her family before the Sabbath started and they would not have food for the weekend. We were able to offer support and immediate help. Please pray for S. their son who needs healing!

Another family we help has six children and the Father recently was imprisoned for four months leaving the mother on her own struggling to survive. Our team was able to visit the mother and provide all the basic baby food and items as well as provide basic food items for the family and provide support and love. Please pray for T. as her husband is in Prison and her family depends on her. 

Ethiopian Jews in Israel

“You must tell them the truth, the reality of the situation”, said my Ethiopian friend, when I asked her what she wanted the world to know about Ethiopian Jews in Israel. And it’s a tough reality, but not one without hope. 

God is at work in every part of Israeli society, and the gospel is reaching Ethiopian Jews in all sorts of ways – especially the younger generation. Continue reading…

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When we journey back over the millennia into the ancient Near East, we enter a world that is foreign to us in many ways. Within this context, God raised up a covenant nation and gave the people laws to live by. As we’ll see with regard to servitude, punishments, and other structures, a range of regulations and statutes in Israel reveals a God who accommodates. Yet contrary to the common Neo-atheists’ caricatures, these laws weren’t the permanent, divine ideal for all persons everywhere. A new, enduring covenant would be necessary. Continue reading…

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