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Sons are the provision of Hashem;
the fruit of the womb, His reward.

הִנֵּה נַחֲלַת יְהוָה בָּנִים שָׂכָר פְּרִי הַבָּטֶן

תהילים קכז:ג
hee-NAY na-kha-LAT a-do-NAI ba-NEEM sa-KHAR p’-REE ha-be-TEN

Today’s Israel Inspiration

Today is International Children’s Day- a day to recognize and celebrate the children of the world. In this week’s Torah Portion, we read about the birth of Jacob’s sons who will go on to become the heads of the 12 Tribes of Israel. Just as the world is celebrating it’s children today, Israel celebrates its children every day. In the above verse, the Torah teaches us what a special gift children are. Unfortunately, countless Israeli families face the grim reality of being unable to properly provide for the physical needs of their children; 30% of Israeli children living in poverty. On this International Children’s Day, bless the children of Israel.

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A new hijab-sporting doll modeled on the Muslim Olympic fencer Ibtihaj Muhammad will join the Barbie line in 2018, Mattel announced last week.

Today’s Israel Photo

A young boy walks through the streets of the ‘Meah Shearim’ neighborhood of Jerusalem.


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