Israeli Shekel World’s 2nd Strongest Currency! Do Arab Countries Fear Israeli Athletes? – United with Israel

Flag of Palestinian Murderers Flown in London; CLICK for Latest from Israel!
United with Israel Palestinians Protest Removal of Terror Curriculum; Israel Calls Out ‘Pathetic’ UNESCO; Princeton Group ‘Sorry’ for Anti-Israel Censor; Top UK Writers Unite Against Anti-Zionism
Nov. 9, 2017 
Israeli Shekel Emerges as World’s 2nd Strongest Currency
WATCH: Palestinian Terror Flag Raised in London, Police Helpless
Israeli Athletes Again Subjected to Boycott by Arab Country
Palestinians Protest UN Removal of Anti-Israel Incitement from School Curriculum 
WATCH: 79 Years After Kristallnacht – Never Again! 
Princeton University Group Fails to Censor Israeli Official, Then Apologizes 
WATCH: Israel Chides ‘Petty, Pathetic’ UNESCO for Ignoring Syrian Genocide 
Top British Writers: Anti-Zionism ‘Has No Place in a Civil Society’ 

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Israel: +972-2-533-7841


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