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Word of Encouragement

Encouragement video from Cindy
The Lord says, “I’m coming with a wave of my glory.” What does that mean? That means many people that feel dry — you feel like you’re almost going through the motions, with your life, with the Lord; it doesn’t feel fresh and new to you. This is what is happening: There is a move of the Holy Spirit that is here and coming. I was just ministering at Christ For The Nations this week, and the glory of God fell.

And the Lord says, “You’re going to move from the mundane to the glorious. I want you to walk in a triumphant life,” says the Lord, “where you don’t go on just with business as usual.” The Lord says, “There will not be business as usual. I am coming to visit. I’m coming to visit your home. I’m coming to visit your emotions. I’m coming to visit your success and enter into it. And people will say to you, ‘What is it that’s different?’ And you might just have to smile, and say, ‘Well, God is doing great things.’ But you know that you have entered into a new place in me, a new place where it doesn’t seem old, and it doesn’t seem like you’re just going through a routine, and a life of Christianity, but that you have an intimate relationship with me. I want you to go from the ‘Where is God?’ to ‘Wow, God is here.’” And the Lord says, “I’m going to do it. Get ready for it. Say, ‘I want it,’ press in, and surely you will see that glory explosion happen in your life.”

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Announcing the All-Access Live Stream

Because of countless requests, we’re announcing the All-Access Live Stream for this event. You will get exclusive access to live streams of:

  • Thursday Session
  • Friday Sessions 
  • Saturday Sessions
  • On-Demand Replays
  • Recordings of all 16 Breakout Sessions

This is going to be such an unbelievable moment for the prophetic community. Truly a unique gathering. You’ll discover what God is saying to the nations and what you can do. Join us for this gathering so that you don’t miss a single moment!

Purchase the All-Access Live Stream

Help spread the word to your church, friends, and social media, because this gathering is going to impact people, cities and nations. You can send them to globalpropheticsummit.com

Many people are saying this is a unique gathering. Be praying, join together, and expect a shift! Never before have so many prophets from around the world gathered in the same place to seek the Lord, pray, worship, and share what the Lord is saying for this coming year.

In-person registration is $69, but you can access the entire summit for only $35from the comfort of home or even on your phone.

Buy the All-Access Live Stream

It’s easy to sign up and access, even if you have trouble with computers. Easily login using Facebook, enter your billing information, and you’ll instantly be watching the live stream.

Also, if you buy the All-Access today, you’ll see my full message from CAP 2017.

Weekly Prayer Calls

Every Thursday, we have a wonderful time praying for the personal needs of our callers, for specific issues (like our prodigals coming home or over addictions, etc), and for national concerns! We’ve had wonderful testimonies and are forming a praying community!

Get on the call and join your faith with other Believers toward your personal breakthrough. Get encouraged and contend with new friends for the nation and your loved ones.

Even if you can’t make the call, you can let us know how to pray for you by sending your requests to requests@generals.org.

Also, get reminders and important updates by updating your profile to receive information on the upcoming prayer calls. 

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