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Paul Clark – Love You So

Nov. 6, 2017
Greetings LoveMusic! listeners.

If you know Phil Keaggy, 2nd Chapter of Acts, Love Song, Larry Norman, Andraé Crouch, Honeytree, Keith Green, Randy Stonehill, Barry McGuire, then you know Paul Clark!

In 1972, Paul Clark came to the Christian Jesus Movement with his album Songs From The Savior. It certainly was in my music collection at that time. Along with that great album, I added his other ones, such as this one Hand To The Plow. Even today that album hangs framed on our home wall, reminding Laurie and me of the work it takes to share the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ, Yeshua HaMashiach.
I was thrilled the day I got to talk to Paul on the phone from Jerusalem when he was at the home of Barry Segal (Vision For Israel and The Joseph Storehouse). Barry had him speak to me as they were conversing about an upcoming project between them. Paul promised to send to the USA office some of his new CDs. (Well, still waiting! He must have failed to write it down, as I have to in order to remember things yet to do.)
Paul’s instrumental guitar music accompanied often with his band, touches the heart and soul, while his lyrics ring true to us in everyday life.
Be blessed in your listening to Paul as he sings to the Lord – how much we love Him so.
Ahava and shalom, 
Steve Martin

Love For His People
Charlotte, North Carolina

YouTube Published on Jan 1, 2015

5th track from “Hand To The Plow” (1977). Perfect in its simplicity! A honey-dripping sax, an electric piano, a phase-shifted guitar, Westcoast production, and a heart overflowing with gratitude. What more could you ask for from smooth ’70s Yacht Rock? This is one of my all-time faves!

“With piano directed to the forefront and the help of Harlan Rogers and Hadley Hockensmith of the jazz group Koinonia, Clark dabbled with a progressive fusion of jazz, rock and pop which at its most sophisticated is not unlike Steely Dan’s The Royal Scam, particularly on the opening seven-minute title track with its extended instrumental jamming. Sleeker production was joined by heavy guitar solos, slick saxophone leads, brass section, synthesizers, organ, funky keyboards and ladies on bgvs.”

~excerpt from Hand To The Plow (Seed PSR-005) 1977…


Please support Paul Clark by buying his awesome music!

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      • Paul Clark (Christian musician)

        From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
        Paul Clark
        Origin Kansas City, Missouri, U.S.
        Genres Jesus musicfolk rock
        Instruments Guitar
        Years active 1971–present
        Associated acts Paul Clark & Friends
        Website Paul Clark Music
        Paul Clark is a musician who was involved in the Jesus music movement and early contemporary Christian music industry. He was born in Kansas City [1] and recorded his first album in 1971, Songs from the Saviour Vol 1.[2] Its songs became one of the first signs of the growing “Jesus Movement” of the early 70s.
        He went on to record a further albums including Songs From The Savior – Volume Two, Come Into His Presence and Good To Be Home with Paul Clark and Friends (including Phil Keaggy, Jay Truax, John Mehler, Bill speer, Mike Burhart, and more), then launched the well received, award-winning 1977 album Hand to the Plow. In 1978 he followed up with Change in the Wind and in 1980 with Aim for the Heart. These three albums had some jazz influences and were well-produced in the context of other Christian music of the time. Aim for the Heart featured Abraham Laboriel on bass along with Harlan Rogers, Hadley Hockensmith and Bill Maxwell and was certainly jazz influenced. Those four went on to become members of Koinonia jazz band from 1982 till about 1990.
        Clark is recognized as one of the founding fathers of the Jesus Movement and the contemporary Christian music industry.[3] During his 13-year association with Word Records in the 1970s and 1980s, Clark’s songwriting, record producing and performances placed him in the forefront along with artists like Phil Keaggy2nd Chapter of ActsLove SongLarry NormanAndraé CrouchHoneytreeKeith GreenRandy StonehillBarry McGuire, and many notable others.
        He is also interested in fine art photography and entering 2010 is currently working on two new CD projects and releasing two books.


          Songs from the Savior, Vol. 1 1972
        • Songs from the Savior, Vol. 2 1972
        • Come Into His Presence (Paul Clark and Friends) 1974
        • Good To Be Home (Paul Clark and Friends) 1975
        • Hand to the Plow 1976
        • Change in the Wind 1978
        • Aim for the Heart 1980
        • New Horizon 1981
        • Drawn to the Light 1982
        • Out of the Shadow 1983
        • Awakening from the Western Dream 1988
        • When the Moon is Behind the Clouds 1992
        • Private World 1995
        • Resonate 1996
        • Christmas 1998
        • Call of the Canyon 2001
        • Approaching Jerusalem 2009
        • Down at the Whistle Stop 2014
        • Branching Roots 2016

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Steve Martin

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