He Speaks In Many Ways – Now Think On This by Steve Martin

He Speaks In Many Ways
Now Think On This
Steve Martin
“Give ear and hear my voice, listen and hear my speech.” (Isaiah 28:23, NKJV) 
The Lord didn’t stop creating after the first seven days of creation. In fact, He likes being creative in how He speaks with us. He chooses to do that in many ways.
Each one of us hears differently. Each one receives from others in ways that may not be the same to the others.
There was a book written several years ago describing how each person receives love by unique methods, unlike what another may prefer. That is because we are all specially created. Each one of us has been put together and gifted with special receptions through our senses. Because of His amazing mind, and His continuing loving thoughts toward us, they come our way as such.
I can say that is how the Lord ministers to us as individuals, in His speaking to us. One of His delights in His relationship with us, as an individual, is through Him using creative ways. And each one of us will hear and respond accordingly.
Ever hear the story of the spider web in the corner of the red barn? (Having been raised in the center of America in the Midwest, in Iowa no less, I did!) When three different people looked at the insect hanging high above in the rafters, one person said immediately, “Kill the spider.” Another grabbed a camera and took different shots from different angles, noting the symmetry and beauty of the spun web. And yet another said to leave it alone, for it was catching bugs that we don’t want around anyway.
Each one perceived and responded differently to what they saw, because each of us have unique qualities about and within us. The Lord, the One who created these in us, has even chosen to share His thoughts to us in ways that we can relate to, based on our makeup.
For me, I like numbers. I guess I always have, even when I would go buy a candy bar as a little kid and base the choice purchase on the weight of the bar, getting more for the money, rather than if I really liked one better than another. I know, I know. But that’s the way I have been created.
Because of this numbers thing, here is a true story that occurred the day I retired from my Accountant’s job (surprised?!) on October 31, 2017. It reveals how the Lord loves to speak to me in a way that I fully comprehend.

As I drove that early Tuesday morning (6:00 am) north on I77 interstate in North Carolina, from my
home in Pineville to my job in center city Charlotte, I knew that my odometer would hit “8888” on the way. That in itself meant something to me. Here the Lord was going to have my car, a Hyundai Elantra, turn the mileage reading over to that specific number on my last day before my retirement. (I turn 63 on Thanksgiving Day, November 23, 2017.)

Knowing that the number “8” in the Judeo-Christian Bible represents “new beginnings”, I was so looking forward to this day, this month, this year in my life’s journey. He knows that numbers are a big thing in my life – clocks, spreadsheets, calendars – you get the point. And that is how He was speaking to me.
What made this extra special was the fact that at Exit 8, Remount Road to be exact on the interstate, was the one I came up to when the odometer turned over to “8888.” Now isn’t that something! I can’t make this stuff up!

The fact that my Lord Jesus Christ, Yeshua HaMashiach, chose to speak to me in this way was even more extra special. With four eights, “8888”, in front of my eyes on the dashboard when the odometer turned over at Exit 8, now there were “5” eights. This said to me that this day marked a new season of my life, and that the five eights represented the extra grace (5 means grace) that would start me off in this new beginning. And not only to begin afreash, but complete, the full purpose and calling on my life.
I give thanks that the Lord speaks to us. I rejoice that each of us can hear, see and feel His presence in the way that we can best relate to Him.
The Lord God Almighty, Creator of the Universe, choses to show Himself to us, individually and also collectively (see those signs in the heavens lately???) in ways that we can know for certain that He is living, He is active, and He wants us to know Him personally, being the Father that He is.
Need a word from the Lord? Ask Him even now. And be prepared to receive His unique way of speaking to your heart, your spirit, even your body, in a way that you can know for certain of His love for you. Trust me, He will.
Shalom and ahava (peace and love in Hebrew).
Now think on this,
Steve Martin
Love For His People, Inc.
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Now Think On This – in the Year of our Lord 11.02.17 – #327 – “He Speaks In Many Ways”

Thursday, 5:30 pm 

Steve Martin

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