Pastor Steve Cioccolanti Discover Ministries – YouTube censorship, George Soros, Halloween, Martin Luther’s Incomplete Reformation

Pastor Steve Cioccolanti – Discover Ministries
YouTube, George Soros, Halloween, 
Martin Luther’s Incomplete Reformation
Published on Oct 30, 2017
Breaking News: YouTube censorship has struck Discover Ministries. The 31st of October is a HOLY DAY, the 500th Anniversary of the Protestant Reformation; but the devil has twisted it into Halloween. Pastor Steve Cioccolanti uses the anniversary to discuss attacks on freedom of speech. Watch the FULL hour message titled 500 YEARS SINCE MARTIN LUTHER’S INCOMPLETE REFORMATION:…

In this eclectic message, Pastor Steve Cioccolanti touches on Martin Luther, George Soros, Napoleon Hill, the King of Tonga, and Bill O’Reilly. Will we have revival or judgment? How do revivals die?


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MUSIC CREDIT: Original music made exclusively for Discover Ministries by world-class composer Tom Hanke. Check him out!

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