NY Truck-Ramming Killer Yelled ‘Allahu Akbar’; High Death Toll in Terror Tunnel Bombing but ‘We Don’t Cry when Terrorists are Killed’ – World Israel News

Hezbollah Tweets Menacing Photos of Israeli Towns; CLICK for Latest Israel News!
World Israel News

Oct. 31, 2017

WATCH: Manhattan Truck-Ramming Killer of 8 Yells ‘Allahu Akbar’Watch Now

Deaths Mount in New York Truck-Ramming Terror AttackRead Now

WATCH: High Death Toll in Terror Tunnel Explosion not Intended, but ‘we Don’t Cry When Terrorists Are Killed’Watch Now

8 Terrorists Killed, More Wounded After IDF Blows Up Gaza Terror Tunnel Read Now

WATCH: Hezbollah Tweets Menacing Photos of Israeli CommunitiesWatch Now

Iraqi Lawmakers Outlaw Israeli Flags, ‘Zionist’ SymbolsRead Now

WATCH: Netanyahu Attends Israeli Reenactment of Cavalry Charge from Famous WWI BattleWatch Now

3-D Holograms Preserve Holocaust Survivor StoriesRead Now

IDF Forces Shoot Palestinian During Suspected AttackRead Now

WATCH: North Korea Conducts Rare Evacuation and Blackout DrillsWatch Now

Anti-Israel Activist Barred from Entry Into IsraelRead Now

WATCH: Israelis Forced Out of World Youth Event Promoting ‘Peace and Solidarity’Watch Now

Navy SEALs Capture Terrorist Behind Benghazi AttacksRead Now

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