Christians Facing Evil by Pam Clark Identity Network

Christians Facing Evil by Pam Clark

Identity Network Oct. 26, 2017
Have you ever gone through a really bad situation and realized that witchcraft was at work against you? Well, if you have been walking in a sincere serious way with ministry, you have!  Several times, I have asked the Lord why would He allow His servants to go through this hell?
And today I got an answer in a way that I can share, in thinking about a situation of attack that I just went through. One of the BEST ways to come against witchcraft is to stand up to it. First, you have to discern it and many times it can take us by surprise. But for those advanced warriors here who choose to make themselves a threat to darkness, the solution is to just say NO to the devil and YES to Jesus!
And today as I was thinking about this and how the Lord delivered me again from those who wished evil for me, He said, “There is the answer to your question. I don’t want to just deliver people but I want them to know the difference between who I Am, and who I am not!”
A Deeper Walk
It’s a deeper walk, actually. It’s a firmer foundation because you are not just standing on the Rock, you are dug into Him. Roots and soul and going deep, intermingling.  You receive deeper nourishment more than just a head knowledge.
When we “know” who He is more than just “recognizing” who He is, we are stronger. There is more intimacy, just like knowing the difference between an acquaintance, and a friend, and a lover. There are greater depths. And God will infuse greater power into us by the Holy Spirit.
God’s will for us is from His Heart! He loves us deeply and wants to express that Love to us deeply, if we will allow Him in. He will minister to us spirit, soul and body!  When a bunch of hostility comes, do we give in to that, or do we work to find the One who loves us with a good and everlasting love? Do we say NO to the attacks and say YES to Jesus in our hearts and our minds?
Oh, no, it is not always easy, but many things do get easier as we develop this way.  We learn to resist in a way that makes the devil flee from us. We are not his victims, we are not his punching bag!
And as I often say, It’s a learning thing!
Pam Clark

Identity Network Oct. 26, 2017
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