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Dr Erez Soref President of  ONE FOR ISRAEL 

On my recent visit to the US, I had the privilege of presenting the latest research regarding the exciting developments that are happening in Israel among God’s people.

The data for this presentation (which will come out as chapter in a book in the coming months) came from an extensive survey of Messianic Jewish believers in Israel we conducted at the Bible College. The goal of this research is to understand more about who we are, and where we are at as Israeli Messianic Jews. The results are very enlightening! Click on the picture below to watch the video telling the story of the blossoming Messianic Jewish movement in Israel, and sharing some initial results from our research.

The presentation briefly surveys Messianic Jewish activity before the rebirth of Israel, the reason why there were only 23 Messianic Jews in Israel on 14th May 1948, to the number of Messianic Jews living and working in Israel today. God has done so much! You’ll be amazed to hear this story!

Jewish people are coming to know the Lord all the time, all over the world. Andrew Klavan is a well-known Jewish author and presenter who used to battle with serious depression. Like his best selling books, his life story is quite the adventure! Watch his story below:

Should You Stone 

 Your Children To Death When They Curse You? (Lev 20:9)

Let’s jump a few thousand years back to the time of the ancient Near East, a culture and mindset completely foreign to ours today, whose social structures are badly damaged by the Fall. Within this context, God raises up a new nation with new laws to live by, in order to create a new culture for them. In doing so, He adapts His expectations to a people whose attitudes and actions are subject to influence by the pagan nations around them. These laws aren’t the permanent, divine ideal for all peoples everywhere at all times. They are specific to that people with their specific needs in that ancient era. Continue reading…

Does Israel In The Bible Really Mean Israel?

When we read about Israel in the Bible, what does it mean for us today? About a third of the world identify themselves as Christian, but Israel is 0.7% of the world. Even if you were to count all the Jewish people in the world, it is still only 2%, so when the Bible talks about Israel all the time, is God really only talking about this tiny minority of his people? Many Christians read prophecies concerning Israel and songs about Israel as if they were about all of his people – Christians included. Most of us read the Bible assuming that when God says “Israel” he really means “us”. And there are good reasons to think this way. Continue reading…


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