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Now Think On This
Steve Martin
“…and he made him a varicolored tunic.” (Genesis 37:3-4, NASU)
Talk about writing some good news! The Charlotte Observer (Charlotte, North Carolina) finally did it this morning on their Sunday, October 22, 2017 front page. I personally rarely read that newspaper by the way, with its anti-bent slant on most of the many things which I stand for in this life. But thanks Tim Funk. You did good.
What was the article about, filling almost a full page? How Elevation Church (Steven Furtick) is becoming more and more multi-racial, multi-cultural, and multi-generational. Multi-ALL!
Being a light to the nations has to begin with how we join with each other – to be that which we have been called to be. Joining together black, white, Jew and Gentile, to be the Body of Messiah. Why else did the Creator choose to create all kinds that He has? And no wonder there are so many Chinese! The Lord Jesus loves them so much!
When it comes to doing the right thing, the churches in our nations better be taking the lead. You want racism dealt with? Better have a multi-racial gathering Sunday mornings in your church.
Want the Millennials to gain some wisdom, especially from the Golden Oldies (like me!)? Join together in church and small group gatherings.
Looking for a place that, wow! Even Jews, Gentiles, and anyone in between (is there such a one?) celebrate life? Use our synagogues and churches as a place that all can worship the Living God of Israel together. (And no, there is no other god above Him.)
I grew up in Waterloo, Iowa. Went to a parochial Catholic high school (Columbus High). Of the 1100 students from 9th-12th grade, there were many 15 black kids. Racial tension was often present, with the “West Side” and the “East Side”. But I was friends with at least half of them whom I personally knew. They were good kids.

And then I married a German Lutheran 18-year old girl! (Her father’s name was Otto Unzicker. Loved him and still do. See you in heaven Otto!)

(Photo: Otto with his Bethlehem Bell painting after his trip to Israel in the late 1980’s.)

If we are going to be the answer to the racial tension in our cities, our schools, and even within many churches, believers have to take the lead and do what the Lord Jesus, Yeshua, commanded us to do. Love our neighbors as ourselves. And yes, my neighborhood neighbor next door is black. Single mother Tracey, her son Diesel and mom are originally from Atlanta. I have mowed their yard occasionally being she works two jobs.
Do we practice what we so often preach? Check out this photo of our band in 2001.

Steve Martin & The Raiders 2001 – white, black, Native American, male and female! 
Old and bearded too!

How about this photo above from 2013? The Ahava Love Band with Jew (Gid Anthony – guitar) black man (Ron Bowen – drums), the Islands! (Wane Daroux – bass guitar), keyboard and singers (Patty Paquette and Laurie Martin – white females) and then me. The old man!

Wane Daroux (bass guitar) – Love the smile as he looks at Ron Bowen on drums.
In order to fight the ungodly spirit of racism, the anti-Semitic overtures in many countries, and the young versus old culture that is blasted out from almost every front, believers need to be the ones to show it right, get it right, and do it right.
If you haven’t got a friend who doesn’t look like you, talk like you, eat like you, or speak like you, then maybe it is about time you get one. That is the Plan He has set forth. Hear and obey what He knows and has desired since the day His family revealed themselves to us, as Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

Got it?

Shalom and ahava (peace and love in Hebrew).

Now think on this,

Steve Martin
Love For His People, Inc.

Meet some of my other friends.

Steve, Jodie Goodman, Edgar & Indira Persad.
My boss: Greek lady Eleni Saunders, former co-worker Jovanna Mozeak and myself

My friend Louie from Jaffa Gate, Jerusalem Israel. – Gift shop owner (photo May 2017)
IDF soldiers at the Friends of Zion museum in Jerusalem, Israel May 2017

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Now Think On This – in the Year of our Lord 10.22.17 – #325 – “Multi-All”, Sunday, 8:30 am

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Steve Martin

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