Robbie Phillips – A Prophet of the Lord Jesus. Now dancing on the streets of gold!

Robbie Phillips
A Prophet of the Lord Jesus
Now with Our Lord! 
(On to glory Oct. 7, 2017)

Oct. 8, 2017  Sunday

Our dear friend and beloved brother in the Lord, Robbie Phillips, went home to be with Jesus on Saturday, Oct. 7, 2017. He had suffered a massive stroke the Sunday before and was on life support until he was released to pass on. He is now dancing on the streets of glory and celebrating the life he so faithfully prophesied to others, as a Prophet and worship leader, walking out his calling. He was indeed a chosen vessel in the Body of our Lord Jesus while living on this planet.
Laurie and I first met Robbie in the late 1990’s while at a conference in Columbia, South Carolina. In the prophetic ministry portion, Robbie spoke a word to each of the ones gathered in the room to receive from the Lord. When Robbie declared boldly over me of my being a “teacher” I did not receive it too well. In fact, I spoke later to the organizer Danny Steyne that he was a false prophet! I told Robbie later it was a lie and did not receive his “false” word to me. Oh was I mistaken! 

Since then, and on many occasions later, Robbie faithfully drove the 1.5 hours one way, often with his good wife Betty, to Charlotte to share his love and gifts to home gatherings here.  His accurate prophetic words have come to pass, and are still being fulfilled in our lives and our loved ones.

In May of this year I published a chapter on Robbie in my book, Basic Life Principles. I wanted to honor the Prophet of the Lord for his faithfulness and love.

We love you Robbie and Betty! We honor your legacy! (They too would have celebrated their 40th anniversary today, Oct. 8, 2017 as Laurie and I are so doing.)

We will miss you Robbie, but will be seeing you soon! I hope my mansion is next to yours my beloved friend!

With our eternal love,

Steve and Laurie Martin
Love For His People
Charlotte, North Carolina
 Robbie speaking prophetic word – Christen and Andrew Blade
 Robbie and Michael Blade
Robbie faithfully declaring the Word of the Lord
In May of this year 2017 – I published a chapter on Robbie in my book, Basic Life Principles
I wanted to honor the Prophet of the Lord for his faithfulness and love.
Robbie with his wife Betty and daughters Abbi and Maley

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