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Let the lowly eat and be satisfied; let all who seek Hashem praise Him. Always be of good cheer!

יֹאכְלוּ עֲנָוִים וְיִשְׂבָּעוּ יְהַלְלוּ יְהוָה דֹּרְשָׁיו יְחִי לְבַבְכֶם לָעַד

תהילים כב:כז
yo-KHLU a-na-VEEM ve’-yees-BA-u ye-ha-le-LU d’-ro-SHAV ye-KHEE le-vav-KHEM l’-AD

Shabbat Inspiration

In Psalm 22, King David expresses the desire for all of the children of Israel to be fed and satisfied. King David goes on to say that after the children of Israel are physically satisfied they can properly serve and praise Hashem. Without proper nutrients, it is difficult to flourish spiritually.  Millennia later, Israel is still grappling with the task of ensuring that all if its citizens are well fed. It is a sad reality that many Israelis live below the poverty line and go to sleep hungry. Israel has always prided itself on its morals and ethics and refuses to be complacent knowing that so many Israelis are living in unacceptable conditions. Colel Chabad, a non-profit organization that provides food to tens of thousands of needy Israelis, pays special attention to ensure that the food which they distribute is both delicious and healthy. Colel Chabad has been revamping their menus and distribution to include an array of fresh produce and whole grains that provide increased nutrients to impoverished Israelis. It is the hope of Colel Chabad that the healthy food  they distribute will allow the recipients to be successful in both their physical and spiritual undertakings.

Israel’s Amazing Food Rescue Program

Leket, an amazing non-profit organization, transports excess food from various sources to NPOs and charities throughout the country, providing hundreds of thousands of people all over the country with healthy and nutritious food.

Impoverished Israelis Learn About Healthy Eating

Two leading Israeli charity organizations are joining forces to educate impoverished Israelis about nutrition.

Wheat as the Key to Divine Aspiration

One of the central themes of the holiday of Sukkot is the celebration of the harvest. Deuteronomy 8:8 lists the seven species which are native to and harvested in the Land of Israel called the ‘Shivat Haminim’. The first of these species is wheat. The Torah considers wheat to be the staple of the human diet. Symbolically, wheat represents more than just food. The Torah looks to wheat as the tool used to nourish a human body, feeding the divine aspirations within each of us. It is through the nutrients and energy which humans gain from wheat that they can continue their service of Hashem.

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“We Are Praying for Israel”

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Me and my 6 children are praying for Israel when we gather for prayer meetings. we are glad to hear that no e died during the sabbath stabbing spree b the Palestinian teen. God is protecting Israel, we pray that God will protect the landmark God gave to Jacob n his 12 sons, we pray that, all Israel people will be safe, the country safe n IDF safe. No one on the phase of the earth will ever erase Israel out of this earth, if they try, they only chose to be the greatest losers. God will protect Israel n God will bring peace to Jerusalem. We are from Papua new guinea. a small province that has cultures more or less like the Israelites so we feel with the Israelites so actually so many people from my province pray for Israel . we send our students to Israel to train in agriculture, n now our province’s governor has a very close link with Israel. we are glad we are praying for Israel. God will answer our prayers n we will gradually hear good news from Israel soon. We love Israel n will continue to pray. –Trevina Gima n kids

Shabbat Shalom,
Rabbi Tuly Weisz
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