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Massive Western Wall Sukkah Welcomes Pilgrims to Jerusalem

“Say to B’nei Yisrael: On the fifteenth day of this seventh month there shall be the festival of Sukkot to Hashem, [to last] seven days.” Leviticus 23:34 (The Israel Bible™)
“The most popular place to visit during Sukkot is the Kotel, the Western Wall,” explained Rabbi Mendy Blau, director of Colel Chabadone of Israel’s leading charity organizations, to Breaking Israel News. “Part of the reason is that the Bible commands Jews to make a pilgrimage to Jerusalem a minimum of three times a year, for Passover, for Shavuot and for Sukkot.”
Sukkot is Israel’s busiest season for Jewish and Christian tourism. Not only is this one of the holiest and happiest times of the year, but the country also holds a multitude of cultural and religious festivities. All this leads to a plethora of visitors to the Kotel.

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