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Kathie Walters: “When God Tells You To Do Something, Do It By Faith”

Steve ShultzFrom the desk of Steve Shultz:
We really enjoy reading Kathie Walters’ testimonies and God-stories when she sends us her articles…and I know our readers do too! Kathie’s ministry is all about showing us that the supernatural realm is for everyone in our everyday lives.
Her article today is about us walking by faith in what God has called us to do as she shares:
Everything we receive from God we receive by faith only, there is nothing we can do to earn it, so you have to make a decision that you can hear because Jesus said you could hear… All His provision is in His purpose. So let your faith work in hearing from God.
If you’ve noticed, we have posted words about faith, vision and provision going hand-in-hand.
Folks, it’s a new season to step out in FAITH! 
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Receive in Faith
I have so many emails from people who are confused about the “direction” God wants them to take. Not sure whether to move, or where to? Or what is next in their life? House hard to sell?
Well, let me tell you, you don’t have to do trial and error. Jesus said, “My sheep hear My voice.” We need to sit still and listen. But sit still in faith, believing YOU CAN HEAR. 
Everything we receive from God we receive by faith only, there is nothing we can do to earn it, so you have to make a decision that you can hear because Jesus said you could hear. 
And what He says, you have to get in your spirit, not just in your head.
The Holy Spirit is a Spirit of faith, and it needs to be the Holy Spirit who is operating, as His faith is supernatural. It’s not the natural faith that moves mountains – it’s the faith that God gave to us by His Spirit. He has already given it to you when you got born again and to every man and woman is given “the measure of faith.”
One time, we were confused about what God had for us. We had many words given to us, but some of them caused even more confusion. It felt like I was pushing doors that just wouldn’t open. Then I had a dream, and in the dream I was sitting down on the floor in the middle of a very dark room. I couldn’t see anything at all, and for sure I couldn’t see where the door was. But I waited in faith, believing God would show me. After a short while, a light shone on a door and it was so easy then. I just got up and walked to the door, opened it and went out.
The Word of the Lord Releases Faith
Let your faith work in hearing from God.
If the Lord gives us a word, like when we left Orlando, it will release faith. We had a church in Orlando, and we were enjoying Orlando. We had been there about ten years, and as I was driving one day, the Lord said to me, “It’s time to leave this place and wipe off the dust from your feet.” I was shocked! By the way, “Wiping the dust from your feet” means that you put things right as much as you can with people you’ve had disagreements with.
I told David and we asked the Lord to confirm it from outside (someone that didn’t know of the situation). I thought of a friend in England who I knew heard from God very clearly. I asked the Lord to get Harry Greenwood to call me. And I said, “Harry has to say the same thing to me as You.”
A few days later, I remembered what I said and reminded the Lord that He needed to have Harry call me. About five minutes later the phone rang and I answered. It was Harry. “Harry Greenwood here, what’s going on?”
“Harry,” I said, “Where are you?”
“I don’t know,” he said, “some restaurant in Arizona.”
Harry never called people, as he had a wife, a secretary and an assistant who always called for him.
“Well,” I said (I didn’t want to tell him anything of course), we’re having a good time.”
“It’s time for you to leave that place and wipe off the dust from your feet, OK,” Harry said. He prayed a prayer and put down the phone. He prayed for some divine connections. (Photo via deviantart)
When that word came, it released God’s faith (not our natural faith). Now we had to move on.
“OK God,” I said. “You will have to tell us how to sell the house.”
Selling and Moving On
Where we lived, the area was overbuilt and the builders were getting people houses at very low-interest rates loans, so our house was hard to sell.
The next day the Holy Spirit said to me, “Take $200 and go to Home Depot. Buy $200 dollars worth of brightly colored flowers and put them in the front yard and put out a ‘for sale by owner’ sign.”
I did all that and put the flowers in the front yard, etc. with the, “for sale by owner” sign. A couple of weeks later, I was sitting, reading my Bible, and the Lord spoke to me, “The man who is going to buy the house is coming today.”
So I got up and tidied the house. About 10 am, the phone rang. It was a lady who said, “We saw your sign. Can we come and see the house this morning?” I said “OK,” and we made an appointment.
This couple came and looked at the house. The lady said to me, “Actually, we weren’t looking in this area really, but every time we drove by, I noticed those flowers. I love flowers.”
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So the flowers were just an “attention getter”. God told David what price to ask for the house. The couple said they liked the house, but they had an appointment in South Florida to look at a house near a golf course. They said it was a very good deal, so they wanted to check it out. They went off to South Florida.
Two days later as I woke, up, I had a vision of the man and he stumbled and almost fell over. I prayed in the spirit. Later that day, I had another vision of his limo pulling up to our house. He got out of the limo with his shirt over his arm. This was very unusual, as he was very immaculate. Suit and tie, even when it was 100 degrees.
Two days later in the afternoon, in the middle of my daughter’s birthday party, the limo drove up and the man got out of the limo with his shirt over his arm, just as I saw in my vision. He explained that the air conditioning in the limo had broken and wasn’t working.
Everything we receive from God we receive by faith only.
They came in and sat down. “We decided to buy the house,” he said, “but a very strange thing happened to me down in South Florida.”
He was looking at us very strangely, and a bit scared. “What happened?” I asked.
“The place we went to see offered us such a good deal on some property. I was sitting down with the pen in my hand to sign the contract, and suddenly my hand froze and I couldn’t move it, so I dropped the pen and left, and here I am.”
Well, there was a lot more supernatural things that happened during this sale. He asked us where we were moving to and we told him that God hadn’t told us yet. He let us rent the house for $800 a month until God showed us where He wanted us to go.
The man told us in the end that when he was a young man, his three-year-old daughter was dying of Leukemia in the hospital. He knelt by the bed and said to God, “If You heal my daughter, I’ll serve You.”
The next day his little girl left the hospital completely healed, but he never did keep his end of the bargain. When he met us and he saw God was so involved in our lives, God challenged him again about his word. I don’t know what he did because we moved on. 
To make a long story short, all of our moves have been like this.
Are You Open?
The point is that you can’t move God with your natural faith, but He can release HIS FAITH and move you in His purposes. 
Maybe you need to get a word from the Lord to confirm what He wants for you where you are, doing what you are doing. All His provision is in His purpose. So let your faith work in hearing from God. You can’t move the Rock, but the Rock can move you.
Sometimes you have to let things go, so they don’t have you. God doesn’t mind what you have, as long as it doesn’t have you and HE HAS YOU. (Photo via Pixabay)
If He wants you to live in England, are you open? If He wants you to live in Kenya, are you open? It’s yielding to His purposes and to His Spirit. He moves you; you don’t move God. His faith is released for His purposes. His anointing is also released in His purposes. His anointing comes by yielding, not by trying. Trying and striving will take you out of the Holy Spirit realm. 
Enjoy the journey.
Kathie Walters
Good News Ministries
Kathie Walters is an international speaker who brings freedom to those who feel they have to “qualify.” She also ministers in the supernatural and believes that the supernatural realm is for everyone.
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