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Hashem supports all who stumble, and makes all
who are bent stand straight.

סוֹמֵךְ יְהוָה לְכָל־הַנֹּפְלִים וְזוֹקֵף לְכָל־הַכְּפוּפִים

תהילים קמה:יד
so-MAYKH a-do-NAI l’-khol ha-no-f’-LEEM v’-zo-KAYF l’-khol ha-k’-fu-FEEM

Today’s Israel Inspiration

The above verse is taken from Psalm 145, which in Hebrew is referred to as Ashrei (Blessed be He). The Ashrei prayer is meant to be recited daily. In fact, this specific psalm is considered to be one of the pinnacles of the morning prayer service as it reminds worshipers of the universal message that it is Hashem who sustains every living being; “You give it open-handedly, feeding every creature to its heart’s content.” (Psalm 145: 16) In His wisdom, Hashem has created various means to provide for and sustain His children. Often times, Hashem assigns emissaries to carry out His will, such as is the case with Meir Panim. This organizationworks valiantly to feed the hungry across Israel. During this current High Holiday period, Meir Panim is carrying out the will of Hashem by running a large-scale fundraising campaign to ensure that no Israeli goes hungry during the holiday season. Please partner with Meir Panim.

Good Deeds Day

The idea of doing good deeds may not be an Israeli creation, but Good Deeds Day is. This annual event brings together people young and old who chose to volunteer their time, energy and expertize to try and improve the lives of others and hopefully change the world for the better.

Sharing Compassion

Jon and Anna Crane, a Christian couple from Scott City, Kansas, love the Holy Land and its citizens and decided to spend three months in Israel in order to better experience daily life in the country.


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Plant a tree in Praise of God and his endless goodness.



Today’s Israel Photo

“Hashem supports all who stumble, and makes all who are bent stand straight.” Photo by Shutterstock.

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