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When my life was ebbing away, I called Hashem to mind; And my prayer came before You, Into Your holy Temple.

בְּהִתְעַטֵּף עָלַי נַפְשִׁי אֶת־יְהוָה זָכָרְתִּי וַתָּבוֹא אֵלֶיךָ תְּפִלָּתִי אֶל־הֵיכַל קָדְשֶׁךָ

יונה ב:ח
b’-hit-a-TAYF a-LAI naf-SHEE et a-do-NAI za-KHAR-tee va-ta-VO ay-LE-kha
t’-fi-la-TEE el hay-KHAL ko-d’-SHE-kha

Today’s Israel Inspiration

The above verse was uttered in prayer by Jonah the Prophet while he was trapped inside the belly of a large fish. Despite his grim situation, Jonah did not despair, but rather turned to God in prayer and in the hopes of surviving his ordeal and once again being worthy of standing before God in His Holy Temple in Yerushalayim. Jonah conveys the message that although man may stumble in sin, he can always pick himself up and recover. Even after our biggest failures, God lovingly awaits our return. The Book of Jonah is read aloud on Yom Kippur in synagogues around the world. The lessons on faith and determination that we learn from this prophet can be applied to our own struggles in daily life. “Accept the Call: The eBook of Jonah” provides the text of the Book of Jonah in English, Hebrew and transliteration, as well as inspiring and uplifting commentary. Download this thought-provoking eBook in preparation for Yom Kippur, which will be marked on the evening of September 30th

Yom Kippur and Forgiveness

Yom Kippur is a time forgiveness. But, how does forgiveness really work?

Israeli Population Hits 8.74 Million Before New Year

According to end-time scholar Rabbi Pinchas Winston, this decade’s rise in Israel’s Jewish birthrate is indicative of fulfillment of God’s promise to Abraham of his prophesied descendents.

What is the connection between the days of the week and the Star of David?

The Bible teaches us that God created the world in six days and that on the seventh day, He rested. The Star of David is composed of 6 small triangles which can all perfectly fold into the center hexagon. Jewish tradition teaches us that during the first 6 days of the week, we should remain focused on and preparing for the sanctity of the Sabbath. No matter what business we have on the other days of the week, we should always remember the holiness of Shabbat. Check out Rafael’s beautiful Star of David Jewelry!

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Plant a tree in Israel and make the desert bloom.


Today’s Israel Photo

Yehoshua Halevi’s picture of the Ayun Stream in the Hula Valley.

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Rabbi Tuly Weisz
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