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Doctors Told This Mother to Abort Her Child, Now Her Baby is Singing Praises to God

CBN News 09-22-2017
When Angie Rodgers got pregnant, she never thought she’d have to decide whether her baby would live or die. 
Doctors said her baby had serious issues in the womb and gave Rodgers the option of abortion. 
“The doctors told us we had ‘options’ five different times, and they were {sic} very adamant about it,” she told The Gospel Herald in an exclusive interview. “I said, ‘That’s not an option for us. That’s not even a thought in the back of our heads. No matter what you tell us, we’re not aborting her.'”
“It was kind of a battle of belief,” she said. “But, what God wants is what’s right to me.”
Her daughter Grace Anna was born with a rare form of dwarfism called Conradi Hunermann, which causes spinal deformities, scaling of the skin, cataracts and little to no hair. 
When she was born she spent most of her days hooked up to machines in the hospital. 
Never once did Rodgers regret her choice to allow Grace to live. 
A year and a half later, the unexpected happened. 
“Grace was around 20 months old, and before she could even speak, she just started singing ‘Amazing Grace’ out of nowhere,” Rodgers said. “She seemed to love it.”
This baby, who doctors suggested should die via abortion, was singing praises to God. 
Grace hasn’t stopped singing and has since become a social media sensation. Her rendition of “The Star Spangled” on Youtube has gone viral and she boasts more than one million likes on her Facebook page. 
“She has an amazing ear for music, and it’s really surprising, because she has to wear tubes in her ears,” Rodgers said. “She’s had so many surgeries and health issues, yet she remains so joyful and walks around singing constantly. She just has a love of life and music – and she loves Jesus. She believes wholeheartedly in prayer, that when you pray, God answers.”
Rodgers decided to write a book about her daughters’s story called “Grace Anna Sings.”
She hopes others are encouraged by her daughter’s journey. 
“Have faith, that when you ask God to guide you, He will,” she said. “Rely on His steadfast love and peace to get you through situations. Allow yourself the time to process it all. It’s okay to be upset if everything’s not perfect, but I truly believe there’s a reason for it.”
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