Warm Wishes for a Happy New Year! Amazing Milestone, Netanyahu Dazzles UN, Much More! – United with Israel

Israeli Soldiers Wish You a Shana Tova! CLICK HERE for Latest from Israel
United with Israel Netanyahu Praises Trump’s ‘Courageous’ Blasting of Iran; IDF Rescue Team Departs for Mexico after Deadly Earthquake; New Year’s Wishes from Israel’s Newest Citizens! 
New Year’s Milestone: 600,000 Sign to Keep Jerusalem United Forever Under Israeli Control!  
Netanyahu Dazzles UN with Israel’s ‘Remarkable Contributions to All Nations’
Warm Wishes for a Happy, Healthy and Sweet New Year!
Netanyahu Praises Trump’s ‘Bold’ and ‘Courageous’ Comments on Iran in UN Speech
WATCH: New Year’s Wishes from Israel’s Newest Citizens!
IDF Search and Rescue Team Departs for Mexico After Deadly Earthquake
WATCH: Israeli Soldiers Wish You a Shana Tova – Happy New Year!
A Frightening Yet Encouraging Rosh Hashana Prayer
Ten Facts About the Symbolic Foods of Rosh Hashana
WATCH: How to Make a Sweet – and Easy! – Rosh Hashana Cake
Living Torah: The Ability to Repent Rests Only Within Ourselves
WATCH: A Musical New Year’s Greeting for You!
Rosh Hashana Customs Among Diverse Communities
WATCH: On Rosh Hashana, Everything in Your Life Can Change
Rosh Hashana Omens
WATCH: The Awesome ‘Soldier Surprise’ with a Great New Year’s Message!
Blowing the Shofar at Risk of Death – in Auschwitz

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