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Suppose he sees the sword advancing against the country, and he blows the horn and warns the people.

וְרָאָה אֶת־הַחֶרֶב בָּאָה עַל־הָאָרֶץ וְתָקַע בַּשּׁוֹפָר וְהִזְהִיר אֶת־הָעָם

יחזקאל לג:ג
v’-ra-AH et ha-KHE-rev ba-AH al ha-A-retz v’-ta-KA ba-sho-FAR v’-hiz-HEER et

Today’s Israel Inspiration

The ram’s horn, in Hebrew shofar, has been a central symbol of Jewish life since Biblical times. The Bible describes many occasions in which the shofar is sounded. As in the above verse, the shofar was blown as a call to war, and also once every 50 years to announce the Jubilee. Today, the shofar is best known as the central aspect of Rosh Hashana (the Jewish New Year) as commanded in the Book of Numbers 29:1, “You shall observe it as a day when the horn is sounded.” More than anything, sounding the shofar continues to serve as a call for prayer and repentance in the Jewish world and beyond. The shofar blasts serve as a connection between worshipers to Hashem and to the Torah. For the past few weeks, readers from around the world have been submitting their video entries to participate in Israel365’s first annual shofar blowing contest. Submit your video by the end of the day for a chance to win.

The Sound of the Shofar from Iowa

Meet Greg Brown the ‘official, unofficial’ shofar-blower of his ministry in Iowa.

Check Out These Awesome Shofar-Blowing Submissions!

Readers from around the world have submitted videos of themselves blowing their shofars for Israel365’s first annual shofar-blowing competition.


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Today’s Israel Photo

A young boy blows a shofar in honor of the upcoming Jewish New Year.

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