Lance Wallnau – Hurricane Irma – The Prophetic Message

Lance Wallnau – Hurricane Irma – The Prophetic Message

Did you know that – every night this last week we prayed with 10-20,000 people that hurricane Irma would move off course and miss the east coast of Florida?

We were just part of the millions who prayed. First Irma shifted from the populous east coast then – as if wrestling with an invisible hand – it moved west. As it came ashore, the storm category dropped from a 4 to a 3 to 2 then – BOOM a few hours later it downgraded to a Hurricane 1.
Forecasters were shocked when the water drained out of the Tampa Bay to make room for the coming floods… My Tampa friend, Pastor Rodney Howard-Brown, was quoted in Newsweek for calling Hurricane Irma a, “Nothingburger”. The newscasters were agitated that it wasn’t as devastating as they forecasted it to be. HA! Come on people – this is God! He answered our prayers!
Frankly, if we can agree in prayer to move one of the largest hurricanes in recorded history – how much more could we do if we had agreement to impact our own nation?
I’m sensing a prophetic lesson in all this. Here’s my first impression. America is being lashed by a liberal storm that boils up, spews out and spins over entire regions engulfing our nation. Commentators are now forecasting that this continued anarchy will have catastrophic impact if nothing is done to alter its course.
There is only one group of Americans who have the spiritual authority to silence the coming storm. There is only one group large enough and strong enough to resist this cyclone of lawlessness. Just one company of Americans can plead for the restoration of decency in society… and it’s the awakened church. When the threat is overwhelming we know how to pray. That much is clear.
This last hebrew year 5777 was the year for the “clashing of swords”. We ‘ve seen this continuously since the Trump Inauguration. Even in the midst of these hurricanes many speculated as to WHY this was happening… Was God rendering Judgment? Was this just nature or global warming? With the collapse of Biblical morality the nation faces a tempest tossed in a never ending conflict of ideas, opinions and conflicting versions of reality. And this is the ultimate power given to the winner of the culture war – the power to define the meaning of words.
Surveys show that 90% of Christians would speak up – if they were better informed and knew what to say. Sadly, the same surveys show that the majority of pastors do not want to teach in public about controversial topics.

I want to make sure you have the information you need to speak the truth.

But more than that, I want you to know how to make every blow count in this battle with spiritual wickedness. We will do that by connecting people together in the areas they are called to advance… politics, business, school, arts.
To get informed, connected, aligned and prophetically ignited and positioned – that’s the goal of the most unusual summit I have ever attempted – the 7m Summit 2017, Orlando Florida.
Those of you who cannot attend in person will be able to participate just like you were in the audience by joining us “Live” with a special link to watch online.
Visit to get access today! You no longer need to face this battle in isolation standing alone – it ‘s time to join together and move “As One”.
See you in Orlando,
Lance Wallnau
Lance Learning PO Box 2688 Keller, Texas 76244 United States (817) 431-4828

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