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Monday, September 11, 2017
Are We There Yet? Why Waiting on God Is Always Worth the Pain

Having to wait doesn’t mean your need will never be met; it just means your answer is delayed. (Pixabay/Pexels)

Waiting is so hard! But in one way or another, we are all waiting. Whether we seem to have it all or have the weight of the world on our shoulders, we’re all waiting for something—waiting for change, waiting for answers, waiting for healing, waiting for things to get better. No matter how good life gets, every living human being—rich or poor—will always need something.

The troubling thing about having a need is not just wondering if the need will be met: it’s not knowing when the need will be met. Most of us don’t go through life wondering if we will eat or if we will sleep. We go through life wondering when we will eat or when we will sleep.

Have you ever heard of the “five Ws and one H”—who, what, when, why and how? Usually used by journalists as they write newspaper or magazine articles, these are the same questions that bring almost every human to their knees seeking God for answers. When we need answers in any area of our lives, we want to know who is going to answer us, what the answer will be, where the answer is coming from, why we had to face the challenge in the first place, and how to make sense of everything we’re going through. But our biggest question is when the answer is coming. Of the six curiosity pushers, the when produces the most anxiety.

We want to know when our answers are coming. Sure, we want what we want right when we want it. However, I believe that if we knew the time and date our answer was coming, we might be able to wait for it. Waiting gets hard when times and circumstances are unpredictable, when things don’t happen on our terms or according to our timing. Not knowing when can take out even the strongest, most positive of us. read more 

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