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Aug. 28, 2017
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Videos of the Week
Ministry Today - Trending Story
Discern Jezebel’s False Prophetic Ministry With This Teaching Word
Ryan LeStrange says he knows how to spot Jezebel spirits falsely masquerading as Christian prophets. In just five minutes, he explains how to see these deceptions and conquer them.
Ministry Today - Trending Story
How Do I Get Baptized in the Holy Spirit?
Getting baptized in the Holy Spirit is not a difficult process. But the phrase intimidates many Christians. Doug Bergsma, senior pastor of Resurrection Life Church in Rockford, Michigan, explains everything here. Whether you’re wondering who the Holy Spirit is or you’re ready to start speaking in tongues, this video will meet you where you’re at.
Ministry Today - Trending Story
Journey Songwriter Reveals to Jim Bakker the Christian Origins of ‘Don’t Stop Believin’
Jonathan Cain—songwriter and keyboard player for the band Journey—revealed on The Jim Bakker Show the Christian roots of the band’s biggest hit. His father imparted some Christian wisdom to him, including the phrase “Don’t stop believing.” He shares his testimony and performs the song live in this clip.
Ministry Today - Trending Story
God Speaks to My Friends But Not Me—So What’s Wrong With Me?
“If you’re stepping out in faith, why doesn’t God reward that faith?” In this clip from Questions With God, a roundtable of pastors wrestle with that difficult question. Pastor Darren Davis offers a surprising answer.
Ministry Today - Trending Story
How Christians Can Bear Prophetic Witness to the LGBT Community
Today’s society of tolerance makes it difficult for Christians and LGBT individuals to discuss their different beliefs civilly. Jackie Hill-Perry, a Bible teacher and former lesbian, explains how Christians can become prophetic voices in the modern age.
Most Popular
Podcasts of the Week
Walking in the Spirit
7th Day Rest, 3rd Day Anointing
The finished work of the 7th Day and the 3rd Day are joined in the spiritual realm. 7th Day Rest, 3rd Day Anointing teaches you how and why you should live and flow in and from the rest of the presence of God.
Strang Report
Hope for Marital Happiness
Married couples are no longer the majority in the U.S. population. That ought not to be so because marriage is still the foundation of American society. Listen to why there is reason for optimism for your marriage and God’s favorite institution.
Strang Report
The Connection Between Relationships and Productivity
What is the leadership connection between relationships and productivity? Listen to find out as CEO and founder of Charisma Magazine Steve Strang interviews our host Dr. Steve Greene about his book Love Leads.
News Podcast
Is the Devil Provoking You?
Have you ever moved from one room to another and your mood shifted or stirred in the moment? Listen to this teaching on spirit and flesh to find out if the devil is provoking you.

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