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Dr Erez Soref President of  ONE FOR ISRAEL 
Aug. 28, 2017


We often get asked about how we understand the Law of Moses, now that Yeshua has come, and it can be hard to answer in one sentence – the answer is not simple! 

We have been working on a fuller explanation about our love of the Torah and how it all points to Yeshua in our new book, “READING MOSES, SEEING JESUS”.

Some people get caught up in trying to diligently keep Jewish laws and traditions… or go to the other extreme of not seeing why the Jewish scriptures matter at all today, and miss the beauty and power of God’s word. We hope to share with you where we stand on these important, biblical matters.

How do you relate to the Torah, the first five books of the Bible, as a follower of the Messiah?

In “Reading Moses – Seeing Jesus”, we give our Messianic Jewish perspective to the following questions:

  • What is the purpose of the law?
  • Why did God give the Torah in the first place?
  • Did Messiah come to point us back to the law?
  • Are we under the law?
  • Should we follow Rabbinic traditions?
  • What about our Hebraic Roots?
  • Should we keep the Torah? How?

In this short book, Dr. Seth Postell (our Academic Dean), Eitan Bar (Media-Evangelism Director), and Dr. Erez Soref deal with these questions. 

If you enjoy the book, it would be a great blessing to us if you would give it the rating you feel it deserves on Amazon, and leave a positive review! 

Here are some of the reviews it has received from Christian leaders so far:
(read more reviews here)

Reading Moses, Seeing Jesus is a tremendous resource for anyone interested in understanding the ‘whole counsel’ of Scripture, the fundamental purpose of the Mosaic law, the power of the Messianic prophecies, and how to engage in effective and fruitful Jewish evangelism and discipleship. 

I absolutely loved this book and highly recommend it to pastors and lay people alike!”

“Exegetically solid, theologically sound, contemporaneously relevant, eminently readable – all these qualifers are true and will prove to be vindicated by its intended readership. Especially commendable – and that lends it authenticity – is the fact that its authors are Israeli scholars who embrace messianic faith that names Jesus of Nazareth as Savior and Lord. This is a must!”

If you would like to meet us and hear more about the great things that God is doing in Israel, you are welcome to join one of our banquets where we will share about the ministry, and how you can be involved. 

The Concept Of Sin From A Hebrew Perspective

The condition of sin is like a swamp – the more we try to fight it ourselves, the deeper we sink. A cosmic swamp that all creation is affected by.

Due to the sinful condition humanity is in, no one can escape, we are all affected. No one can stand before a holy God, claiming “I had nothing to do with this”. Just as being stuck in a swamp, there is nothing we can do but only to hope that someone from the outside will reach out to rescue us and pull us out – we need God Himself to provide the way of justification for us! Continue reading…

The Month Of Elul: A Time To Turn

In the Hebrew calendar, we are now in the month of Elul – a special month of preparation and repentance before the “Ten Days of Awe” starting with Rosh HaShanah (the Feast of Trumpets) and continuing until Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement ten days later. It’s time to turn our backs on sin and turn towards God again. It’s a time to turn away from the world, and look to the face of the One who loves and leads us. If we want to say “repent” in Hebrew we say, “Lachzor be Tshuva” – to return to the answer. Actually the two words both imply a return – one is to return as one might go away from home and return later, and the other is from the root word to respond, or reply, to come back with an answer. Continue reading…


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