Hurricane Harvey May Have Surprising Spiritual Connection to Latest US Mid-East Peace Push – Breaking Israel News

“No More Lopsided Prisoner Swaps”
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Aug. 28, 2017

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Is Hurricane Harvey Divine Reaction to Latest US Mid-East Peace Push?

Trump Envoys, Netanyahu Renew Talks on Jerusalem Embassy Move

“Thus said Hashem: I have returned to Tzion, and I will dwell in Yerushalayim. Yerushalayim will be called the City of Faithfulness, and the mount of God of Hosts the Holy Mount.” (Zechariah 8:3)

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United Nations Secretary General António Guterres Arrives for 3-Day Visit

“Although there were at my table, between Yehudim and prefects, one hundred and fifty men in all, beside those who came to us from surrounding nations.” (Nehemiah 5:17)

Liberman: No More Lopsided Prisoner Swaps

“Let anyone who does not obey the law of your God and the law of the king be punished with dispatch, whether by death, corporal punishment, confiscation of possessions, or imprisonment.” (Ezra 7:26)

Conan O’Brien Jokes His Way Through Journey in Holy Land [WATCH]

“All the days of a poor man are wretched, But contentment is a feast without end.”
(Proverbs 15:15)

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Israeli Basketball Player Mickey Berkowitz Makes Hall of Fame

Israeli basketball player Mickey Berkowitz speaks about his induction into the FIBA hall of fame next month as one of the greatest basketball players of all time.


This verse conveys a sense that the enemy lurks on all terrains and in all locations, and is impossible to escape. Unfortunately, even after arriving on the shores of Eretz Yisrael following the Holocaust..

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