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“That’s what heroes do… they raise the dead, they cleanse the lepers, they cast out demons and they heal the sick… and they do it on PURPOSE!”

“You have to be there.” — David Hogan

By David Hogan… Watch It Now

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This is new revelation! Do you want to know how many Angels are ministering for you?

Just this week the Holy Spirit began showing me something that made me shout out loud. I can tell you that this one revelation that I’m about to share with you really gave me a divine understanding and I pray that it does for you too. — Kent Simpson

By Kent Simpson… Watch It Now

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In this season, we’re going to see God move in extraordinary ways, that’s why we have to position ourselves in faith to believe and to receive.

That’s why I’ve filmed this teaching video to unpack the prophecy with Scriptures that will build your faith and prepare your heart for what God is doing in this season. — Jennifer LeClaire

By Jennifer LeClaire… Watch It Now

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Reigning in life… everybody in this room is designed to reign in life. God gave you the ability to create wealth — it’s a God-given gift to all of His people — it proves He can make a covenant with His people.

His destiny for you is far beyond your imagination on your greatest day…

By Bill Johnson… Watch It Now

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The Word of the Lord of His divine will is sent… it has shot forth like an arrow and His Word is for utter victory, and it is for complete victory!

I just feel like the Lord is saying to strike the ground, keep striking the ground because that volcano, that promise, that explosion of victory from God is going to happen.

By Anita Alexander… Watch It Now

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If you’ve been feeling this sense of unknowing, if you have been feeling this sense that you’re at this place you’ve never been before, if you’ve been feeling cornered… I’m telling you right now that the enemy doesn’t have you corned, God has you cornered.

You’re not going to be where you’ve been, the warfare has ENDED and you’re about to step into something FRESH and NEW!

By Nate Johnston… Watch It Now

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What has God been speaking to you in this season?

It’s not just one thing… God just isn’t restoring. God is restoring, He is rebuilding, He is reactivating, He is renewing, He is reviving… There is a redirection happening right now in many lives as all these things are being released. Pay attention to the repetition!

By Lana Vawser… Watch It Now

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