From Powerless to Power Filled by Pam Clark, Identity Network

From Powerless to Power Filled by Pam Clark

Identity Network  Aug. 22, 2017
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I and others have been crying out about the over sheltered self-celebrating church of today that is naive and unprepared and VULNERABLE!  When we do not go out into the world and share the good news reality and joy about God, we only set ourselves up for the other agenda.
Our children matter, but so do YOU!  It’s not about putting the whole burden on YOUR shoulders but finding your place and position in the Body – and no it’s not all easy, but it can be FUNCTIONAL!
Don’t let “the church” or any other minister tell you that it’s all on you. We need to learn how to be Spirit led so that we can do His agenda with the gifts He has given and wants to equip us in.
What many proclaim does not work all the way.  Many times it is just on the surface and then people acquiesce to the status quo of mediocrity.
The burden is on His Shoulders but we need to want to do our part if we are really identifying with Christ. God cared enough to give, Jesus cared enough to give and MANY of us care enough to give, we just need to learn how to do it the best and right way.
Joy is the Strength
Many are lethargic because they are not being given the equipping and tools that WORK!!!  It’s not the temporary buzz of just “a high” like a drug. It will make you happy, but the joy is the strength you need to engage in the MISSION! And the mission is NOT politics for Christ!  We don’t run from politics, but we discern them.
Doing God’s will is not just signing up for someone else’s ministry, even though there are good ones out there that need help. There are many ministers today who are called who are not doing THEIR calling, because they are sucked in under other people and they feel a tension and a consternation at times, and it’s because God is wanting more of them!
They are told to deny their self, but in some places what is being denied is their calling! It’s easier to be corralled than to take the steps to become strong in your own life and calling.  You feel the pain, you put on the band-aid but you still feel the pain and the blood seeping out and wonder why it’s not working.
It’s because it’s YOUR ministry calling! Someone needs to help. We obviously learn our ministry by serving others and we need to learn how to do that well and respect them, for many reasons. But the Vision is really one big Vision and it is HIS.  When giving money is not enough, when doing works is not enough, there is something else at work that needs to be taken to prayer.
A Mission Set Up by God
I have been under a lot of different ministries by God’s design and they all have been a blessing in many ways. Some people ARE good at holding the fort where they are. We need them, and should appreciate them.  But many are hungry and are called to do more. In this day and time with the access to ministry helps in abundance out there, even for free so much of it, there is a greater equipping taking place.
It is the testimonies that mean so much, and you learn which ones are real and not, after you learn the Word. You will easily get deceived if you don’t know the Scriptures. But once you DO know them, the whole world is open to you, but you have to hear His Voice.
When you are serious about God, you don’t have to go searching for prophetic words, they come to you! And then you have to discern which ones of those are right for you.
There is a FORCE of God, a good Spirit, coming towards you to fill you, if you want to be filled by the holy and Living God. And there are hindering forces (believe me) that want to stop it, but God is greater.  You just have to learn how to navigate it!
My biggest tears have been over false brethren to me, but you have to overcome even that, like the other saints did.  When you start reading the Bible like it’s a diary, you have graduated a bit!  The characters become more real to you – and then you have to think about and observe what God did with those individuals.
We are not just victims in the hand of God dodging the devil too. We are on a MISSION, set up by God to overcome the world!  If you cower in fear, you will never fulfill your calling.  We have to gird up our loins and take on strength.  He is there to help us.  Read the Diary of your friends (the Holy Bible) and learn.  Pray and find His equipping opening up to YOU.  It’s teamwork with Him!
Pam Clark

Steve Martin

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