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Aug. 16, 2017

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Eclipse as 40 Days of Repentance Begin Signals “End of Era” for America, Warns Rabbi

WATCH: North Carolina Woman Confronts Nazi Flag-Flying Neighbor, Goes Viral

“Who will take my part against evil men? Who will stand up for me against wrongdoers?”
(Psalms 94:16)

The Mezuzah Explained in
60 Seconds!

This awesome video will teach you all about the Jewish ritual of placing a Mezuzah on one’s doorpost- in 60 seconds!! A mezuzah case acts as a holder for a piece of genuine parchment which includes the blessings of the Shema. Every Jewish doorway has a mezuzah, which consciously declares God’s presence under that roof.  Watch now to find out more!

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A Living Symbol of Israel’s Return to Jerusalem, Hurva Synagogue Stands Proud in Old City

“Raise a shout together, O ruins of Yerushalayim! For Hashem will comfort His people, Will redeem Yerushalayim.” (Isaiah 52:9)

Iran Threatens to Quit Nuclear Deal ‘Within Hours’ if New Sanctions Enforced

“They arm themselves with an evil word; when they speak, it is to conceal traps; they think, ‘Who will see them?’” (Psalms 64:6)

Palestinian-North Korean Alliance? Abbas Sends Message to Kim Jong-Un

“They gathered with one accord to fight against Yehoshua and Yisrael.” (Joshua 9:2)

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Israel in Talks to Reopen Embassy in Cairo

A year after security concerns forced Israel to close its embassy in Cairo for the second time in a decade, government and security officials are discussing a resumption of Israel’s diplomatic presence in Egypt.

PSALMS 133:3

Dew, in Hebrew ‘tal’ (טל), is a common Biblical symbol of God’s bountiful blessings. Rain is another sign of God’s love for mankind. What is the difference between rain and dew…

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