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Aug. 11, 2017

Biblical Prophecy Jerusalem End of Days IDF Bible Codes Temple Mount

On Christian “Birthright”, Israel Reawakens Biblical Faith for Disillusioned Millennials

Hints of Protocols of Zion With Launch of New Jewish Crypto-Currency

“Silver is Mine and gold is Mine—says God of Hosts.” (Haggai 8:2)

The Israel Bible

Moses’ genuine love for the Land of Israel is a lesson for all time. Though already informed that he would not enter the Promised Land, Moses sets his heart to pray for God to change His mind. His plea to “see the good Land” highlights his sincere motivation. Moses did not ask to lead the people into the Land of Israel; he was content with passing the reins to Joshua for that. Moses simply wanted to see the Land, to breathe its air, and to experience its goodness. Get more Israel insight into the Bible with The Israel Bible.

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Rainbow “Swastika of Peace” Clothing Line Pulled From Shelves

“Ah, Those who call evil good And good evil; Who present darkness as light And light as darkness; Who present bitter as sweet And sweet as bitter!” (Isaiah 5:20)

American-Funded Summer Camp Trains Israel-Hating Extremists in Ramallah

“I detest the company of evil men, and do not consort with the wicked.” (Psalms 26:5)

Hebrew University Launches World’s Largest Jewish Art Index

“But now, Hashem, You are our Father; We are the clay, and You are the Potter, We are all the work of Your hands.” (Isaiah 64:7)

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Israel’s Tiger: A Sneak Peek at Israels Advanced Armored Personnel Carrier Helping Keep the Borders Safe

The Namer (Tiger) is Israel’s newest and most advanced Armored Personnel Carrier (APC). Already in active duty along the borders, the Namer features two heavy machine guns and an active defense system, called Trophy, which intercepts missiles fired in its direction.


Genesis 23 records the purchase of the Chevron (Hebron) by Abraham as a burial plot for his wife, Sara. The Sages taught that the name Chevron (khev-ron) is a contraction of the the word ‘khaver’ /חבר (friend) and the word ‘na-eh’/נאה (agreeable)…

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