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This week’s Prophetic TV e-blast includes videos from:

1. Johnny Enlow: Revelations on the Great American Solar Eclipse

2. Benny Traub: The Great Wealth Transfer is on the way!

3. Lance Wallnau: Shocking Update: Jezebel is Out to Take the Voice of the Prophetic

4. Doug Addison: Prophetic Word for the Next 50 Days

5. Jennifer LeClaire: Breaking Free From Strongholds

6. Apostle John Eckhardt: A New Gust for August

7. Lana Vawser: Topple To Tipping Point, No More Trickle or Trip!

8. Robert Hotchkin: Tap into Divine Creativity

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“Revelations on the Great American Solar Eclipse”

It’s the first total solar eclipse that is in totality for the United States since 1776, that’s to our roots. This is something that has not happened since the year we became the United States of America.

The Heavens declare the Glory of God, so these things are not coincidental. This is a heavenly convergence that is upon us that’s going to shift and change things. Are we going to shift and change things with it…

By Johnny Enlow… Watch It Now

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“The Great Wealth Transfer is on the way!”

If you are (or want to be) a Christian Entrepreneur, Inventor or Investor, you have a high calling!

Jesus said; “To whom more has been given, more will be required”.

If a lifestyle of extravagant giving is already in your heart, come and join us at the Financial Revival Impartation Conference and see how to turn up the dial on your own ministry of giving. Overflow!

Get six free videos and conference information here:

By Speaker… Watch It Now

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“Shocking Update: Jezebel is Out to Take the Voice of the Prophetic”

What Jezebel has done to destroy is going to be undone. And I thank You Lord that You’re moving right now in the Body of Christ.

The Lord is going to do something in our day, that’s going to astound many Believers and we’re going to be in for a big surprise because the Lord is about to release His anointing.

By Lance Wallnau… Watch It Now

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“Prophetic Word for the Next 50 Days”

Doug shared that God is exposing the attacks of anxiety, worry and panic, how to get inner healing, and why it’s important not to fall into the status quo of grumbling and complaining that is going on in the world.

What looks like loss in this season will be your gain!

By Doug Addison… Watch It Now

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“Breaking Free From Strongholds”

The Lord says, “I will deliver you from the ties that bind.”

The Lord, Himself, wants to deliver you! I’m decreeing and I’m declaring in the Body of Christ, that it is a season and time of deliverance. It is a time to see yourself set free and to come into the fullness of what God has called you to do. — Jennifer LeClaire

By Jennifer LeClaire… Watch It Now

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“A New Gust for August”

GUST of the Holy Spirit will hit churches, homes, families and individuals. It will be unexpected but will bring change and transformation. There will be GUST of blessing, GUST of answered prayers. Many will begin to see GUST of rewards being released.

The winds are changing in your favor. Get ready!

By Apostle John Eckhardt… Watch It Now

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“Topple To Tipping Point, No More Trickle or Trip!”

Your prayers, your decrees, your seeds of faith and declarations have not been for nothing. He has seen every tear, every moment, every struggle, every bit of pain, and He has been with you, strengthening you, holding you, encouraging you, teaching you and empowering you.

There’s a tipping point upon you!

By Lana Vawser… Watch It Now

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“Tap into Divine Creativity”

On this episode of HEROES ARISE, Robert Hotchkin and his guest — an up and coming artist, photographer and filmmaker — reveal how you can connect with The Creator to bring greater levels of creativity to your work and life.

We’re made to create and we’re made to be creative!

By Robert Hotchkin… Watch It Now

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