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Ministry Today - Trending Story
Hillsong Exalts All 3 Trinity Members in Breathtaking Live Worship
Modern worship has a bad reputation for cliché and banal songwriting. Some people long for the theological complexity of hymns. Enter Hillsong with an incredible new song, featuring both beautiful music and deep lyrics.
Ministry Today - Trending Story
The Most Famous Bible Verse That’s Not Actually in the Bible
Many people quote the phrase “God helps those who help themselves.” Eighty percent of Americans believe that saying is in the Bible. It’s not—but Bible Gateway explains why so many people think it is.
Ministry Today - Trending Story
What the Devil Is Really After When He Attacks You
The devil has a very specific goal in his spiritual warfare campaign—and Jackie Hill-Perry knows what it is. She traces his deceptions all the way back to the Garden of Eden, where believers can see the template for all his sinister ruses.
Ministry Today - Trending Story
Joyce Meyer: Do This One Thing and You Are Guaranteed a Double Blessing
In this teaching on trusting God, Joyce Meyer offers one surefire way to secure a double blessing. Watch the video and let us know if you agree.
Ministry Today - Trending Story
John Crist: There’s a Bible Verse for Every Situation
We all know that person who has a Bible verse ready for every situation. Comedian John Crist takes that persona to new levels in this hilarious video.
Most Popular
Podcasts of the Week
Charisma Connection
Trust Fund is an Inspiring Coming of Age Film to Watch
The movie “Trust Fund,” a modern tale of the prodigal story with the theme of “know who you can trust,” is resonating with families. Listen now to find out what inspired the story and why you should watch from writer and director Sandra L. Martin and producer Isaac Alongi.
When You Feel Hopeless At Work
What do you do when you get to the place of no hope? Hear today this message of hope from 1 Peter 3:15,17. Be encouraged to know where your security comes from when the news gets bad.
Strang Report
Health Tips For Troubled Times
What will health care look like in the future? Listen as host Chuck Crimier discusses today’s health care issues and how it is related to Christians.
Charisma Connection
Bishop Doug Beacham Discusses What It Means to Be a Pentecostal
It means rediscovering holiness. Listen as Bishop Doug Beacham, Jr., superintendent of the International Pentecostal Holiness Church, shares about going back to Pentecostal roots and to the values of Pentecost.

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