The Left Finds New Way to Bash Trump: His Connection With Pentecostals – STEVE STRANG CHARISMA MAGAZINE

Frank Amedia started POTUS Shield to defend Donald Trump spiritually.
Frank Amedia started POTUS Shield to defend Donald Trump spiritually. (POTUS Shield)

The Left Finds New Way to Bash Trump: His Connection With Pentecostals

Strang Report, by Steve Strang, Founder of Charisma magazine
Pentecostal prophets predicted Donald Trump would win against all odds. Christian leaders have met with him many times, and he is open to their counsel and prayer. Recently, a photo of Christian leaders laying hands on Trump in the Oval Office went viral.
And the left is enraged. First, they don’t understand it. Then, they find our doing spiritual warfare or binding and decreeing that America will turn to God to be somehow threatening.
This was the subject of a blog someone sent me that relates to an “in-depth” article by Peter Montgomery from Right Wing Watch (a project of People for the American Way, which is partly funded by business magnate and far-left political activist George Soros). Montgomery’s article documents all the scary Pentecostals who want “dominion” over the earth and our country. It’s actually well-researched, but it’s as if he is presenting evidence to show why readers should be afraid of these people.
Frank Amedia, who is being attacked because of his POTUS Shield, thinks this is good. At least the left is taking us seriously instead of just ignoring the spiritual realm. I talked to Frank about this in a podcast you can hear below. We discuss what is happening spiritually and how the left is reacting. It’s quite provocative.
I told Frank I hope my new book, God and Donald Trump, helps answer some of the questions the media seem to be asking about how this non-religious billionaire man of the world is associating and accepting prayer from crazy Pentecostals (whom the majority of Americans think are weird anyway.)
As someone who grew up Pentecostal, I understand the public consensus, and I’ve been subjected to some of the same ridicule. But as a believer, I also understand the spiritual realm and see how God is raising up prophets to speak to those in power.
In my book, I document four modern-day prophets who said Trump would win against all odds. Amedia was one of them. In addition, months before the election, he said on a secular talk show it would be an electoral landslide, and it was.
I’m sure those attacking us are people we would like if we were neighbors. But their worldview is diametrically opposed to ours, and they are vying for power in our culture and the government. Recently, that seems to have increased a lessening of our religious rights. As believers, we must speak up for righteousness in our nation.
These far-left people, most of whom are anti-Christian, have considered Christians in general and Pentecostals in particular to be of no consequence, so they ignore what we believe. They assumed we’d always stay within the four walls of the church so as to not disrupt their way of life. Now that God is raising up leaders to speak up outside the church, they don’t know what to think. My guess is they will freak out and then decide it’s of no consequence, and things for them will go back to normal.
One of my goals in writing God and Donald Trump was to bring a new angle into the discussion about the election. I want to present the idea that God in heaven may have answered the prayers of His people. Maybe it was His will for Trump to be elected. In the natural, that is hard to believe. But maybe some eyes will be opened to the fact that God reigns supreme over the affairs of men and that His will is revealed in the Word of God. The book comes out Nov. 7, and you can pre-order a copy from Barnes & or Amazon.
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Strang Report

The Attack on POTUS Shield
Why are the media bashing President Trump and his association with Pentecostal leaders? Frank Amedia returns to the show to discuss the issues surrounding this attack and what you can do to stand up against it. Listen now.
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