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Spend My Life With You 
Phil Keaggy

Aug. 8, 2017

Greetings to you, my good friends who enjoy LoveMusic! from Love For His People

In 1991 Phil Keaggy came out with his 15th album (out of more than 50 he has now produced thus far, at age 66!) called PH’LIP SIDE. One side was acoustic. The other electric. Personally, I liked the acoustic better, but anything Phil plays and sings is fine with me. He is just fantastic.

His long lasting following in the Christian community yet today is encouraging for those of us who can call themselves his “contemporaries”. Phil’s songs from back then (beginning in the 1970’s) are still a real joy to listen to. I bet my best friend Kevin Grafton in Illinois still plays his cassettes! (I tease Kev about his golden oldie ways at times. Still going strong, until the cassette wears out! Thank the Lord for MP3 and more.)

There are several special songs on the vinyl, including “A Child (In Everyone’s Heart“, “Little Ones” (about the killing of the unborn), “Just A Moment Away“, and “I Belong To You“. 

Though I have featured this song already a few times on our blog, I never get tired of listening to it. I hope you think like that too!

Ahava and shalom,

Steve Martin
Love For His People, Inc.
Charlotte, North Carolina

Phil at the Derek Prince Memorial Service
in Charlotte, NC 2004, before I took him to the airport.

Spend My Life With You 
Phil Keaggy

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Phil Keaggy

Philip Tyler “Phil” Keaggy is an American acoustic and electric guitarist and vocalist who has released more than 50 albums and contributed to many more recordings in both the contemporary Christian music and mainstream markets. Wikipedia
BornMarch 23, 1951 (age 66), Youngstown, OH

Phil Keaggy – Spend My Life With You Lyrics

Artist: Phil Keaggy
Genre: Christian
Lay me down to rest
Sing me a sweet lullaby
When will I see You again?
Sleep come over me

Can’t keep from closing my eyes
The day is gone but You’ll carry on
Watching, protecting me into the dawn
Then another day to spend my life with You

‘Cause there’s a home in my heart
And I believe the day is coming
When we’ll never be apart
Just to be where You are
And to spend my live with You
Would be a perfect start

See You when I rise
Morning will bring me Your song
Over and over again

Shine Your light on me
Wash me in resplendent love
There is no shame with You as my aim
Yesterday, today, forever the same
And I only want to spend my life with You

‘Cause there’s a home in my heart
And I believe the day is coming
When we’ll never be apart
Just to be where You are
And to spend my live with You
Would be a perfect start

In Your presence Lord
There I will be satisfied
Over and over again

  • Writer(s): Philip T. Keaggy
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YouTube video published on Jul 20, 2010

From Phil Keaggy’s album: Ph’lip Side (August 1980)

-Sound Labs
-Hollywood, California
-Martinsound Studios
-Alahambra, Californoa
-Sound City Studios
-Van Nuys, California
-Smoketree Studios
-Catsworth, California


Dan Collins
Phil Keaggy
* Phil Keaggy: acoustic & electric guitars, vocals.
* Paul Leim: drums.
* Leon Gaer: electric synthesised bass.
* Richard Souther: piano, Rhodes, and synthesizers
* Alex Acuña: percussion.
* Dan Collins, Jamie Owens Collins, Greg X. Volz, Matthew Ward: Background Vocals.

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Steve Martin

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