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Not since the Civil War have we had such division in our nation, which puts us at risk of another civil war.
Not since the Civil War have we had such division in our nation, which puts us at risk of another civil war. (Pixabay/Public Domain)
The Flaming Herald, by Bert Farias

French historian Alexis de Tocqueville traveled to America in 1831 and wrote a book called Democracy In America. In 1835, he said this: “America is great because America is good.”
America was such a young nation and became great so quickly. How did it happen?
Tocqueville stated: “What made America great is what was being preached in the pulpits of America.” Back in the 1700s and 1800s, the pulpits were ablaze with fiery preaching. It was revivals that made America good, and in being good, she became great.
Listen to the wisdom of this man. When America ceases to be good, she will cease to be great. God will always have a remnant, but overall, this nation is no longer good.
Not since the Civil War have we had such division in our nation, which puts us at risk of another civil war. We are so divided between good and evil, and the good is no longer so good. It’s diluted, because our brand of Christianity is diluted.
The American brand of Christianity is either bland and boring or superficial, weird and mystical. It’s either dead formalism or almost heretical in doctrine and practice. We make large boasts of nothing. We speak loudly and carry a little stick. As a result, evil has made great advances.
Personally, I’ve never seen the likes of the evil we now have in our nation. I’ve never seen such unreasonable and wicked men continually plotting evil. From riots and protests on the streets to images of our president being beheaded or shot, never have I seen such anger, hate, defiance, disrespect and blatant dishonor for the highest office in the land and for all that is moral, decent and good.
While the good has been diluted, the evil in our nation had been heightened to new levels. Our society has become a sewer of sexual perversion from homosexuality, to pedophilia, to transgenderism and other such deviant behaviors.
Our schools, universities and institutions of learning have been infiltrated with a plethora of globalist, anti-Christian and left-wing agendas. We glorify Islam and justify Muslims’ right to migrate to America, despite their connection to terrorism and belief in Sharia. We defend and celebrate sexual perversion and every sort of evil, but we single out the Bible, symbols of the cross and Christian prayer, removing them from our schools and public institutions. Smart sinners can read between the lines and discern that there’s something wrong here. Why is it that only the Bible, Jesus and Christianity are under attack while other religions are left alone? The only religion that’s picked on, hated and discriminated against is Christianity. The only name that is blasphemed is that of Jesus Christ.
Why is there such opposition to Christianity in America at this time? What is behind such hatred and hostility toward our president? And what is the purpose of such agendas? In one word: globalism.
Christianity and an anti-establishment president like Donald Trump are big roadblocks to the globalists who are pushing for a new world order. Satan desires to take down America because she stands in the way of the spread of globalism, big government and political control of people’s lives. Globalism’s agenda is clearly an anti-family, anti-morality, anti-liberty and anti-Christianity agenda. Many people, especially the young, are being duped into accepting this agenda.
Our rising national debt is also benefiting the globalist agenda. Debt means wealth to the globalist. Your debt is somebody else’s wealth. National sovereignty is a roadblock to the New World Order, enslaving humanity to the Western banking system. When the government spends money it doesn’t have, it is charging its collective federal credit card and enslaving the nation. People are being duped and deceived into accepting this. Millennials think it’s cool and don’t realize they are being set up to be slaves of a NWO agenda and bureaucratic control of their lives. Wake up!
Christian revivals are perhaps the biggest enemy of globalism. Globalists hate nations who are experiencing any form of revival. Their plan is to be like God in your life and make you totally dependent on big government to take care of you. America stands in the way of their takeover agenda. Why do you think both Democratic and Republican elitists hate our president?
Donald Trump’s slogan, “Make America Great Again,” makes sense. It’s a rally cry for national sovereignty. Many people believe God won’t judge America, but when we see the forces of the leftist anti-God agenda increasing, we realize she is already under judgment. America is hanging in the balance because many have turned their backs on what made her great. She is reaping what she has sown.
You can’t have a great nation without good people. I know many will disagree with me, but the election of Donald Trump was an extension of the mercy of God in response to the prayers of His people. We need a pushback right now from the church. We need a national awakening of prayer and repentance that is more than just show. We’re in a fight. It’s do or die right now, as our nation has reached the point of no return. We’ve been given a window of opportunity to turn things around. Let’s understand what’s at stake and seize the opportunity.
Revival is the theme of our tetralogy of books, The Real SalvationThe Real Gospel,The Real Spirit Of Revival and our newest release, The Real Jesus. It’s time for the church in America to arise and contend for truth, righteousness, and revival through prayer, repentance and fiery preaching in our pulpits.
Bert M. Farias, revivalist and founder of Holy Fire Ministries, has authored several books with an emphasis on helping to restore the true spirit of Christianity in the Church today, including the newly released, Passing on The Move of God to The Next Generation and the highly sacred book, The Journal Of A Journey To His Holiness. An anointing of fire marks his ministry with frequent demonstrations of the Spirit and power of God. He ministers interdenominationally and cross-culturally in nations, churches, conferences, on the streets and in homes. He and his wife Carolyn also host The Holy Ghost Forum – a school of the Spirit. Follow him at Bert Farias and Holy Fire Ministries on Facebook and @Bertfarias1 on Twitter.
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