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Dear Friend,

I’m happy to share with you – as a signatory to the Jerusalem Covenant – this newsletter update of our efforts in the Knesset for “Jerusalem of Peace”.  This is the title I’ve given my Knesset chambers, instead of the standard “MK Yehudah Glick,” because  I wanted the name of my office to express what I’ve been striving for – Jerusalem of Peace.

Since joining the Knesset, we’ve continued to work tirelessly to increase awareness and visitors to the Temple Mount and are grateful the Temple Mount had a record-breaking number of Jewish visitors over Passover and on Jerusalem Day. Please see the article below.

We just celebrated the 50th anniversary of Israel’s miraculous victory in the Six-Day War when those famous words – “The Temple Mount is in our hands!” – were shouted for the entire world to hear. Unfortunately, the reality of those words is not yet manifest. Only Muslims have full freedom to pray at the holiest site in the world. My goal is to continue to work tirelessly to ensure that the Temple Mount is open for worship to all peace-loving people in the world.

In honor of the the 50th anniversary of Jerusalem’s re-unification and to show your love and dedication for Jerusalem, please help connect as many as possible to the Biblical city of Peace.

Please Copy and Paste this Link: Sign the Jerusalem Covenant

And share it broadly – on Social Media and through email.

Please send this link to all of your like-minded friends and encourage them to sign the Jerusalem Covenant and share it with others. Together we can to combat the powerful forces working against Jerusalem and Israel today.

With a prayer for the peace of Jerusalem,

Member of Knesset Yehudah Glick

Photo: Emil Salman

Meet Temple Mount Activist MK
Yehudah Glick

Renowned activist, Yehudah Glick hopes to turn the Temple Mount into a world center for peace, promote settlers’ rights, and bring “light and love” to the world.

Photo: Noam Moshkovitz
MK Yehudah Glick trying on a tribal hat given by a Papua New Guinea delegation

The Most Dangerous Man in the Middle East?

MK Yehudah Glick has a reputation as a radical redheaded rabble-rouser. But, since entering the Knesset, he has confounded his critics with an often progressive agenda.

Record Number of Jews Visit Temple Mount Over Passover

The number of Jews who visited the Temple Mount over Passover broke the record for most Jewish visitors to the site in one day as well as over the course of Passover.

Moscow Surprisingly Says West Jerusalem is Israel’s Capital

Russia is now the only country in the world recognizing that any part of Jerusalem is Israel’s capital.

Jerusalem Hangs Record Number of Israeli Flags

Celebrating 50 years of a united Jerusalem, its municipality hangs “Guinness Book of World Records” flags in preparation for Jerusalem Day.

Photo composite image: Flash90

MKs from Netanyahu’s Likud Party Attend Trump Inauguration

MK Yehudah Glick states: “I am going to the Trump inauguration carrying the name of Jerusalem.”

MK Yehudah Glick records message at Trump’s inauguration

“Trump Inauguration an Event of Historical Importance.”

MK Yehudah Glick says that Donald Trump as President could be as transformative for the Jewish people as was King Cyrus.

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