Here are Today’s Elijah List Ministry’s Featured Video Messages…

July 28, 2017J
Here are Today’s Elijah List Ministry’s Featured Video Messages…

This week’s Prophetic TV e-blast includes videos from:

1. Kim Clement: Is This 12-Year-Old Kim Clement Prophecy Coming to Pass Before Our Very Eyes?

2. Hank Kunneman: It’s Time That We Get Our Voice Back

3. Lance Wallnau: Urgent: Pray for the President and His Family!

4. Patricia King & Robert Hotchkin: Blessed or Cursed

5. Shawn Bolz: We Have to Master Evil with Good

6. Ryan LeStrange: It’s Time for You to Go Up!

7. Nate Johnston: Impossibilities, Today You Bow!

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Steve and Derene Shultz, Founders

“Is This 12-Year-Old Kim Clement Prophecy Coming to Pass Before Our Very Eyes?”

Kim Clement’s daughter Donne Petruska recently posted 12-year-old video footage of her father releasing a powerful prophetic word about the Jezebel spirit falling to its knees while America experiences a four-year period of grace.

Clement, who died last year, says: “The Babylonian spirit shall be brought to nothing, and Jezebel herself shall be down on her knees says the Lord … ‘For I have tolerated enough,’ and now God says ‘Allow Me to give you a four-year period of an extension of grace.'”

By Kim Clement… Watch It Now

Visit Kim Clement’s Facebook page: HERE
“It’s Time That We Get Our Voice Back”

It’s time for the Church to speak up in the United States. It’s time that you get your voice back and that you begin to express yourself… the devil wants you quiet.

When you see the Church that was born in the book of Acts chapter 2 and continued on, these are the ACTS of the Holy Spirit. The Church was never quiet… the Church was never to be quiet… the Church was to be a place where the people gathered.

By Hank Kunneman… Watch It Now

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“Urgent: Pray for the President and His Family!”

“Whatsoever you bind on earth, will be bound in Heaven…” — Matthew 18:18

The Apostle Paul said to pray for rulers, and those that are in authority… so right now we pray for a supernatural grace over President Trump and his family. We veto every missile, every arrow, every vex, every spell, every jinx, and every curse brought against him… Father, I pray that You would go to the sources of these things and that You would break them up and convert them to Your call and to the Kingdom of God.

By Lance Wallnau… Watch It Now

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“Blessed or Cursed”

God wants us to live abundantly blessed lives. And He has made it all available to us in Christ. So why aren’t more Christians living in the fullness of blessing? Why aren’t you seeing blessing in every area of your life?

Robert Hotchkin joins Patricia King to answer this question. Watch and discover how simple it is to shift your life into the Blessing Zone!

By Patricia King & Robert Hotchkin… Watch It Now

Visit Patricia King’s Facebook page: HERE
Visit Robert Hotchkin’s Facebook page: HERE
“We Have to Master Evil with Good”

We have God who teaches us how to master evil with good. Which means that we have a God who not only works all things for our good, but He actually makes evil look defeated compared to goodness.

“Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.” — Romans 12:21

By Shawn Bolz… Watch It Now

Visit Shawn Bolz’s Facebook page: HERE
“It’s Time for You to Go Up!”

The Lord said, “It’s time to move up, tell My people it’s time to move to go up.”

The Lord is bringing you up into His glory—up into His plans—up into His insight. Be encouraged and move up. The Lord is stirring purpose, destiny and vision… but you’ve got rise up!

By Ryan LeStrange… Watch It Now

Visit Ryan LeStrange’s Facebook page: HERE
“Impossibilities, Today You Bow!”

This is the week that the impossibilities bow… this is the week that you see those things that you’ve been going through bow in the name of Jesus.

He wants you to step into agreement and He wants you to surrender to what He’s already made way for in your life. I just hear the Lord saying to you, “Let go, surrender your impossibilities to the name that is Jesus.”

By Nate Johnston… Watch It Now

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