“I live in the heart of Gaza, but I’m starting to believe in Yeshua” – ONE FOR ISRAEL

July 17, 2017

Dr Erez Soref President of  ONE FOR ISRAEL 

We are experiencing severe heat here in the Middle East, and while we have air conditioning and refrigeration whenever we need it, there are almost two million people suffering in the same heat in Gaza, with only three hours of electricity per day. Hamas is not paying the bills and the Palestinian Authority is refusing to help them out any longer, but the result is that many innocent people are suffering unbearable conditions.

However, in this horrific situation, God is at work among a people who are desperately seeking hope and answers. The gospel is penetrating deep into the darkness, and people are responding to the offer of new life in Yeshua. 

Here is a letter we recently received from someone in Gaza:

Greetings, It’s been my honor to get to know you my brother! 

I have a personal request… that you would teach me more about Yeshua the Messiah.

I started to read the New Testament, and every day I set aside time to read it! 

I found peace in my heart, love and forgiveness in it! I am drawn to the Messiah and I’m starting to love him. 

I live within a very dark and messed up culture. 

If by some accident the organization [Hamas] discovers that I believe in the Messiah, or even if they suspect that I do, they will take me out and also kill my family because of me.

I live in the heart of Gaza, and I’m trying to get out of here, even by sea… so that I can learn more and more and walk with the Messiah, and make sure that I believe and belong to him! But I won’t be able to get out.

Despite this I feel that the Messiah is my savior and he himself has given me patience for his sake.
Your blessed page has helped me to find strength… please Carlos my brother, help me to get out of this crazy hell here! 

Please do pray for this man and the many thousands of others who are living in such desperate conditions. Pray for resolution to this crisis, for freedom for the people in Gaza, and especially for the Gospel to spread like wildfire – that many thousands would be saved eternally.

“Some sat in darkness and deep gloom,
prisoners in misery and iron chains,
for they had defied God’s words,
and spurned the counsel of the Most High.
So He humbled their heart with trouble.
They stumbled, and no one was helping.
So they cried out to Adonai in their distress,
    and He delivered them out of their troubles.
He brought them out of darkness
and deep gloom, breaking their chains.
Let them praise Adonai for His mercy,
and His wonders for the children of men,
for He shattered bronze gates,
and broke into pieces iron bars.”
(Psalm 107:10-16)


The three weeks between the dates of 17th Tammuz and 9th of Av in the Jewish calendar (11th July-1st Augustthis year) are known as the time “בין המצרים” which means “between the straits” or in “dire straits”. The phrase “between the straits” means to be forced to thread your way between grave dangers on both sides – like a ship trying to squeeze through a perilously narrow path and trying to avoid the almost inevitable shipwreck. What hope does God’s word offer in perilous times? Continue reading…


Here’s an amazing story of how an Arab man and his Jewish boss were led to faith in Yeshua together by an Arab Israeli believer… in Texas! It’s a pretty crazy story – buckle up!

About a year ago, Erez and Eitan had a successful trip to Texas, and returned to Israel, thinking that was the end of that. Continue reading…


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