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Kathie Walters: “Eagles: Make Sure There Are No Weights 
On Your Wings

Kathie Walters
Jul 1, 2017

Steve ShultzFrom the desk of Steve Shultz:
Some of the greatest things happen when we “rest” in the Lord. And let me just say “rest” doesn’t mean inactivity…it means yielding and letting Holy Spirit work through you too!
Just as my friend Kathie Walters shares about yielding:
The object of our ministry or moving in God is that God gets the glory. The glory of God never comes on what we do, it comes on what He does. This brings me back to what I said in the beginning. “God doesn’t want us to work for Him but He wants us to yield to Him…”
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The Bible Says We Are to, “Lay Aside Every Weight”
I have heard Bill Johnson say, “Faith comes from a place of rest.” I believe this is very important message right now. Too many of God’s people are still struggling and trying and you don’t need to. Eagles don’t flap, they soar! God is calling you to soar in the heavenly places and it’s easy.
Did you realize that religious mindsets produce weights and religious spirits always produce striving in some way? Striving and trying and “working at it” will take you out of the spirit very fast. The Holy Spirit is not striving to make something happen or “working” at it, and God doesn’t really want you working for Him. Rather, He wants you to yield to His Spirit and allow Him to work through you.
We Do the Yielding and He Does the Doing
When you yield and allow God to work through you awesome things happen. “For it is God who works in you, both to will and to do for His good pleasure”(Philippians 2:13).
God is the One who has the ability to change hearts, and do the supernatural things that give glory to His name.
One of the biggest undetected weights that sit on God’s people is what I call false responsibility. The problem with false responsibility is that it can sound good and moral. And so we mean well, but forget who we are and who we are not.
In our efforts to be good Christians and good ministers, we try to do things we have no power to do. We forget that we can’t change anyone or make them do anything. If you try and be the Holy Spirit you will fail, as only God can change the heart, bring true deliverance and save a soul. He is the only one who can do supernatural miracles, sign and wonders.
Recognizing False Responsibility
Did you know that many revivals have been quenched out by false responsibility? Evan Roberts was a young man who was powerfully used by God in the great Welsh revival of 1904. The land of Wales was covered in the glory of God. The bars and pubs closed, as well as many sports events closed. Evan Roberts and others like him just allowed God to do what He wanted and mostly kept out of the way.
Town after town was visited by God, and God’s power was manifest everywhere. People responded to God and God’s presence. After about nine months, a heaviness began to come in some places. But still Evan carried a powerful anointing.
Eventually Evan Roberts had nervous breakdowns and brought a great heaviness on the people. You see, you can’t make anyone respond; you can’t make people do anything. But Evan, I’m sure out of a well-meaning heart, would get upset if people didn’t respond how he thought they should. He would leave the meeting saying they were quenching the Spirit or close the meeting or scold people. But you see, Evan wasn’t the Holy Spirit – it wasn’t His responsibility how people responded to God. That was Holy Spirit’s job.(Photo via Wikimedia Commons)
People in ministry can have nervous breakdowns when they try to be Holy Spirit. 
There is no true freedom when false responsibility is operating, because the arm of the flesh is there. You will have all kinds of stresses if you try and do what only God can do.
It’s your responsibility to do what God tells you to do. It’s not your responsibility how people receive or respond to Him. That’s a tremendous responsibility and a very heavy weight. It can affect you physically. If you have a word for someone, it’s your responsibility to offer it, but then it’s between that person and God what they do and how they respond.
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Our Responsibility Is To Be Spirit-Led
In many churches we are taught to “meet needs,” after all that’s what a good Christian is meant to do isn’t it?
It might surprise you to know that Jesus did not run around Jerusalem or Bethany or Galilee trying to meet people’s needs. 
In fact, Jesus really did three things: 1) He did what the Father told Him to do 2) He said what the Father told Him to say and 3) He went where the Father told Him to go…THAT’S IT.
The story of Lazarus in John chapter eleven, is a good example of what I mean. If you remember Jesus had a good friend, Lazarus. One day some people came and told Jesus to come to Bethany because Lazarus was dying. Lazarus was a good friend of Jesus, and it seems that Jesus often stayed in his house. Now that was pretty serious don’t you think? They didn’t say he had the flu – they said he was dying.
There is no true freedom when false responsibility is operating, because the arm of the flesh is there. You will have all kinds of stresses if you try and do what only God can do.
You or I would have probably gone running on an electric camel or whatever because we have been raised to meet the needs or minister to the need. Well Jesus didn’t immediately respond to Lazarus’ need did He? He didn’t leave until two days later. That’s a long time to wait when someone is dying.
It took two days to get there, so that’s four days, and when he got to the house Lazarus was already dead, and there was a little reception committee waiting. Some people were complaining and then came the zinger, “If You’d been here this wouldn’t have happened and Lazarus would not have died” (see John 11:21).
I would say that’s some heavy condemnation and blame right there. But Jesus didn’t go to have a religious debate, He went to go to the tomb and speak to Lazarus. And He did!
“Lazarus, come forth.” Jesus spoke out loud.
And guess what? That’s right, Lazarus got up and came out of the cave. If Jesus hadn’t called Lazarus’ name then everyone would have gotten up that day, and there would have been a lot of confusion in Bethany.
Do you know what Jesus says before calling Lazarus from the grave? He says, “Did I not say to you that if you would believe you would see the glory of God?” (John 11:40)
The object of our ministry or moving in God is that God gets the glory. The glory of God never comes on what we do, it comes on what He does. This brings me back to what I said in the beginning. “God doesn’t want us to work for Him but He wants us to yield to Him so that, “He can work through us both to will and to do for His good pleasure.” (Philippians 2:13(Photo via Pixabay)
Shake off this weight. It’s heavy and it will steal your joy. It will make you struggle and strive. I know ministries all around the world and one thing I can tell you, the sharpest people I know in the spirit realm are the lightest. Weights don’t help you or anyone else, they just keep you in the religious realm.
Bill Johnson added this to my message, “Peace is what guards our hearts and minds. This is where anxiety (and fear) take root. Protecting our peace makes it possible for peace to protect our faith, and faith never comes from striving. Faith comes from rest and from surrender.”
Always move out in peace and rest and faith. In Hebrews 4:10 it says, “He that is entered into His rest, has ceased from his own works as God did from His.” We enter God’s rest through faith, not by works.
God is the One who has the ability to change hearts, and do the supernatural things that give glory to His name. (To Subscribe to the Elijah List subscribe here.)
Kathie Walters
Good News Ministries

Email: kathiewalters@mindspring.com
Website: www.kathiewaltersministry.com
Kathie Walters is an international speaker who brings freedom to those who feel they have to “qualify.” She also ministers in the supernatural and believes that the supernatural realm is for everyone.
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