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Friday, June 30, 2017
Chuck Pierce: This Is a Season of Triple Grace—and an Explosion of the Miraculous

This past week was one of the most amazing gatherings ever. We continue to witness the apostolic-prophetic army arising and maturing for the future. Every speaker was incredible. In Dutch Sheet’s message, Dutch used several number sequences to describe what the Lord is doing in the world and His Kingdom people. The last number sequence was 5-5-5. Five (5) is the number for grace! He said, “I keep seeing 5-5-5 … it’s triple grace. It’s a season of grace!” He went on to share how:

? There’s grace to go up higher to a new administration and governmental realm.

? There’s grace to come out of the confusion, disarray and disorder.

? There’s grace to bind and loose.

? There’s grace to open doors and close doors.

? There’s not just grace or double grace, but triple grace! The Lord is going to release an explosion of grace!

Before the service, someone had come to give me a water bottle with 5-5-5 written on the outside with three $5 bills inside. I went up and shared this when Dutch released the word, and he shouted:

“I’m telling you – it’s a Word from the Lord! It’s an explosion of grace! We’re about to move into a mega-grace season! I’m not decreeing that just as a hope; I’m prophesying to you as a Word from the Lord. We’re about to move into a mega-grace season that will be explosive in nature! dynamite grace, dunamis grace, power and grace mixed together. read more 

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