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1. Lana Vawser: Decreeing Upgrade of Favor and Anointing over the Next 30 Days

2. Ryan LeStrange: Conquering the Limitations!

3. Nate Johnston: No Blockages or Delay to your Advancement

4. Shawn Bolz: Inspirational Thrive Moments | What’s Your Capacity?

5. Patricia King: The Courts of Heaven

6. Jennifer Eivaz: Reset Your Prayer Life

7. Bobby Conner: The Purpose of God

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“Decreeing Upgrade of Favor and Anointing over the Next 30 Days”

I had a dream 2 nights ago where I heard the Lord say “Over the next 30 days… UPGRADE!!!!”

The Lord has seen how you have continued to fight. The Lord has seen how you have continued to be faithful in your anointing, faithful to what He has called you to, faithful to pour out amidst the fire you are facing, and the Lord is now decreeing over you that in the next 30 days, there will be great UPGRADE in your anointing and the favor He has placed over your life.

By Lana Vawser.. Watch It Now

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“Conquering the Limitations!”

I believe as we come into destinies, as we come into the understanding of who we are and what we are created to do there’s a next level…

There are no limitations on your spirit, there are no blockades on your spirit, there are no demonic barriers on your spirit… your spirit has unlimited breaker anointing… your spirit had unlimited potential! This word will illuminate your understanding and LAUNCH you forth into freedom.

By Ryan LeStrange… Watch It Now

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“No Blockages or Delay to your Advancement”

There has been an interception, and I felt the Lord saying, “That that mail is going to get to you, do not worry… but do not open the door to the enemy, do not entertain the lies, do not disentitle yourself from the inheritance, do not disentitle yourself from the blessings of what I am about to do… but allow My blessing to come.”

This is a season where you’re at the tipping point of moving into something new…

By Nate Johnston… Watch It Now

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“Inspirational Thrive Moments | What’s Your Capacity?”

So the things that you’re called to do, you could do them when you’re the most tired… you could do them when you have no capacity for all kinds of other things… so the capacity for the things you’re called to, it’s way different, it’s outside the bounds of normal!

So if you don’t have that kind of capacity, it’s because you’re not doing what you’re called to.

By Shawn Bolz… Watch It Now

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“The Courts of Heaven”

As a Believer in Christ you have bold access to Heaven including the Courts of Heaven where you can settle issues through the legal system of Heaven.

Jesus is our advocate; He’s already settled the issue 2,000 years ago!

By Patricia King… Watch It Now

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“Reset Your Prayer Life”

Time spent in prayer is never wasted time. It’s invested time. If you want to do big things for God, then you will have to have a big prayer life.

If prayer has gone to the back burner, if you’ve lost your fire for intercession… if prayer no longer has your attention, then it’s time to RESET YOUR PRAYER LIFE.

By Jennifer Eivaz… Watch It Now

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“The Purpose of God”

The good pleasure of God is to find a people that He can give the Kingdom of God to. That’s what it says!

There is a Kingdom that God wants us to establish on this earth, and He has given us dominion to do it… and there’s great great promises and great great opportunities awaiting us if we’ll step out and become who God says we are!

By Bobby Conner… Watch It Now

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