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1. Lance Wallnau: Here is what’s New with President Donald Trump

2. Stephen Powell: The Lion of Light is Roaring

3. Nate Johnston: The Wedding Invitation

4. Apostle John Eckhardt: Cast Out, Drive Out, Expel, Eject

5. Bobby Conner: Nothing except JESUS

6. Robert Hotchkin: Breaker Angel and Revival Power

7. Ryan LeStrange: Prophetic Word — Ekklesia Preparation for Transformation

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“Here is what’s New with President Donald Trump”

Entrepreneur Lance Wallnau prophesied two years ago that Donald Trump would become God’s “chaos candidate.” But it all follows a Biblical prescription…

“What’s amazing about the Trump phenomenon is that when I first predicted that he was a wrecking ball in 2015, I didn’t fully realize that Isaiah 45 would give us almost a verse-by-verse discussion about what a Cyrus does when they’re in office.” — Lance Wallnau

By Lance Wallnau… Watch It Now

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“The Lion of Light is Roaring”

I saw the Lion of Light emerging in America, and the Lion of Light is the resurrection power of the Lord… it’s the raw power of God… it’s the creative miracle realm, it’s the realm of Glory that comes in which even the dead will be raised.

Raw power and resurrection power of the Lord shall begin to literally surge in the land! Get ready for resurrection power of the Lord to come forth in the United States!

By Stephen Powell… Watch It Now

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“The Wedding Invitation”

It’s such a beautiful thing to know that this isn’t about trying to do all this stuff, this Christian life isn’t about you trying to have it all together… to have all the answers… it isn’t even about meeting a quota of works for the Lord. It isn’t about any of those things… it’s simply about a life of relationship and intimacy and dialogue with Him.

The enemy would do anything he can to stop you from entering into that relationship with Jesus.

By Nate Johnston… Watch It Now

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“Cast Out, Drive Out, Expel, Eject”

People often talk about why deliverance is so important… because there are some things that you need to cast out and some things you need to take authority over.

When you tolerate evil, and don’t deal with it and don’t cast it out, it will end up controlling you, dominating you and harassing you. And often, Believers don’t know the importance of casting things out and sometimes we ask God to do some things when really God is telling you to do it.

By Apostle John Eckhardt… Watch It Now

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“Nothing Except Jesus”

The most powerful and potent thing we can do is present the cross. Jesus Christ said, “If I be lifted up, I will draw ALL men unto Myself.”

Our greatest thing that we can do is to exalt the Lord Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ and His cross is a bridge between God and mankind… The Bible said it this way, “We’re not redeemed with corruptible things such as silver and gold, but with the precious Blood of Christ.” Thank God for the precious Blood of Jesus!

By Bobby Conner… Watch It Now

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“Breaker Angel and Revival Power”

It’s a brand new season, and we’re in a time now that God has been breaking the spirit of delay off the Church. A lot of people have been believing for some amazing things…

Join Jerame Nelson and Robert Hotchkin as they release revival fire and a breaker angel to bring forth your long-awaited promises, and accelerate you into new places, new realms, and more!

By Robert Hotchkin… Watch It Now

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“Prophetic Word — Ekklesia Preparation for Transformation”

The Lord said to me, “Prepare for massive transformation.” This is a time and a season for us to step into explosive transformation…

He’s invited us, the people of God, into realms and dimensions of explosive transformation. I believe mantles of revelation are being released… I believe key revelations that open up dimensions and realms are being released… I believe a greater sense and awareness of who we truly are as the sons and daughters of the most high God is being released.

By Ryan LeStrange… Watch It Now

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