Holy Spirit Performs Miraculous Healings During Israel Street Evangelism – YEHUDIT MESSIAH’S MANDATE

Beach in Tel Aviv (Wikimedia Commons)

Recently, some of our congregants attended a seminar led by The Last Reformation to train them in power evangelism. Here is the testimony of Yehudit.
Probably the greatest fear in street evangelism is approaching a stranger. I was taught at the seminar how to approach people very naturally, asking them if they suffer from some pain, and if so, could I pray for them. The beginning was tough. No one suffered from anything or, if they did, were not willing to receive prayer or even a card with a website full of testimonies of miracles from the team.
The Last Reformation has had incredible success seeing the supernatural on the streets of Europe. We sensed opposition, so we stopped and prayed against the spirit that opposed our work. Immediately things started to happen!
We approached two middle-aged couples. Camilla, my instructor, asked the women if they spoke English. “Of course.” Then Camilla asked if she suffered from any pain in her body and, if so, could we pray for her healing. The woman responded that she had back pain. I asked if I could put my hand on the hurting spot and pray. Praise God, she agreed!  Now I would get to see if God would use me as He used the team from Europe.
I put my hand on her upper back and commanded the pain to leave. She jumped and shouted, “What did you do?!” She looked totally surprised and Camilla asked whether the pain was totally gone. “Almost,” she replied. So I put my hand on her back again and commanded all the pain to leave—which it did. She was overwhelmed and told the men to “join the fun.” 
She told us that she also had pain in her lower back. Again, I put my hand on her lower back, and she was instantly healed. Now she began to ask: “Who are you, and how do you do this?” 
I told her, “We are followers of Yeshua the Messiah. He healed people and told us to do the same, so we do.” At that time, her husband stretched his arm towards us and asked for prayer. Another male team member prayed for him, and he was healed as well.
We continued and came to a spot where dogs were given for adoption, tied to a fence. First, I went to say hello to the dogs while Camilla talked with one of the young women who worked there, finding out that she suffered from back pain. She called me to come, and again I put my hand upon this beautiful young woman’s upper back and commanded the pain to leave. The pain left immediately, and the girl asked me, “Can I come to live with you?” It was just so sweet. Then she asked for prayer for the pain in her lower back, and received another healing. Like the others, she wanted to learn more about us. She wrote the congregation’s address into her phone and promised to come.
As we were leaving, her friend ran after us and asked me “What did you do to my friend?” I told her that God had healed her and asked if she needed prayer for some pain. She also had back pain, and she also was healed.
We crossed the road, and one of our team members stopped a very tall Israeli man, asking if he had pain somewhere. The man stretched out his left arm and received prayed from our male team member. Nothing happened the first time, but we persisted, and he was healed after the second prayer.
Another woman told us she didn’t believe in God. Still, she confessed she had upper back pain. I asked if I could put my hand on her back. I commanded the pain to leave and she jumped, asking, “What happened?!” The pain had left! Hallelujah! She said that if she had not seen this happen, she would not have believed.
I told her that it was Yeshua the Messiah who healed her and shared with her about Tiferet Yeshua. She took all the information and called for her husband to come over. She was totally blown away. She told us that she also had pain in her abdomen. I asked if it was an infection. She replied, “Yes, very painful.”
I put my hand upon that spot, commanded the pain to leave and it left. Glory to Yeshua! She was all smiles. It seemed that hearing about Yeshua was very natural for her after the miracles she received.
Many more amazing things happened that day. But we were not done. Yesterday at Tiferet Yeshua, we heard an amazing testimony from Miri. After the service, her friend, Gilad, who had come with her, heard the testimonies of healings. He asked if I could pray for his hand, which had been hurt in an accident. I agreed, but told him that I was not a superwoman—it is Yeshua who does the miracles.
I put my hand upon his hand and commanded the pain to leave in Yeshua’s name. Immediately, it got better. He said that even before I put my hand upon his, he had started to have a special sensation in the place where it hurt. I prayed another few times, and all the pain left.
Then he said that he has another problem: One leg is shorter that the other. I asked if he’d like to have a prayer for that also and he eagerly said, “Yes.” I asked Gil, our pastor, to join with us.
We began to pray for him, commanding the right leg to grow to the length of the other. And it did! He shouted, “I can feel it happening!” He had to take out the special support from his right shoe that the doctors had given him.
Last week, still not a confessing believer, Gilad stood in front of the whole congregation to testify. As of three nights ago, Gilad is now a confessing believer. God is doing something amazing in Tiferet Yeshua. Please continue to stand with us!  Yeshua told us that we would lay hands on the sick and they would get well—that this would be a sign to the unbeliever. The word of God is proving true in Tel Aviv. 
This article originally appeared at tiferetyeshua.org.
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